About Awards at Alpengirl Camp

Every Alpengirl girls camp session concludes with an awards ceremony; a traditional summer camp closure event and a time to recognize, reflect on and embrace all the good things that have come from your summer camp experience.

The Awards Ceremony & Award Certificates

Alpengirl Awards Ceremony and Certificates

End of Session Award Certificates

During the Alpengirl end of session awards ceremony, Alpenguides present each camper with a unique award certificate that honors the role that each and every camper has in our group as a unique and remarkable individual to be celebrated.

The ceremony typically starts with a special dinner and dessert followed by the presentation of award certificates and progresses to awarding skill beads and necklaces, an exchange of contact information and a yearbook style signing. The ceremony usually concludes with laughter, hugs, tears and talk of when to see each other next.

Our individual award certificates are summer camp keepsakes that girls will take home with them and share with parents and friends as they tell their story of camp with Alpengirl. We have many, many different award certificates, each with their own description, which are selected specifically for each girl at camp.

3 Standard Awards Given At Every Ceremony
Pre teen camper award at girls camp

Camper of the Session Award

  1. The ‘Alpenolympic Gold Medalist’ goes to the camper who has won the most Alpenolympic events during camp and/or has the best sports-womanship attitude and skills. Her fun, energetic, and competitive side is nicely balanced by the poise she is able to demonstrate when not winning. She’s equally great at winning and losing and makes an awesome teammate. 
  2. The ‘Alpenessay Winner’ has a knack for writing and has best captured the essence of the Alpengirl experience through written word. 
  3. The ‘Alpengirl of the Session’ is voted on by all the campers and staff as the person who best defines what an Alpengirl is. This is the most prestigious and time honored Alpengirl camper award. Recipients of this award typically continue with Alpengirl for consecutive years and become interns or Alpenguides as a final progression through all camp sessions.

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