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A 14-mile Day Hike & Summit

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North Cascades II Adventures

Sat, 07/29/2017 - 15:31

The North Cascades Adventure II Alpengirls all summited Desolation Peak! Way to Go! This was an all day difficult hike, the girls had Emma M as the LOD leading them to the summit with a great positive attitude and all made it and felt really accomplished and proud and enjoyed the Oreos at top and wonderful views of mountains and lakes all around. As the group got back down to the lake after the peak summit - they all jumped in the lake almost fully clothed - so much fun! The backpacking trip overall was really great - with good weather and lots of swimming that the girls LOVED. The group has enjoyed dance parties, lots of Alpenolympic events including what the Alpenguides said was, “the BEST Best Nest Alpenolympic of all time!” The girls have been a very theatrical group and enjoy lots of activities together including Whale Breaching and Cannon Ball contests. The group really likes talking with each other and gets along with each other really well. Alli is almost done with her Navigation Bead - she went over the backpacking routes daily with the girls in the group and Penelope earned her Backpacking Skill Bead. Alli and Emma M both made their campfires and are nearly done with earning their Fire Skill Beads at camp. Grace, Laurel and Emma M also built shelters for their Shelter Skill beads, all girls are on their way to earning some skill beads. The only part of backpacking that could have improved was not having Cream of Wheat breakfast (not a hit with the girls) and running out of trail snacks - they have been really good eaters and they ate everything but more snacks would have been better. Yesterday the group finished their backpacking trip with a boat taxi ride down the lake and last night enjoyed showers and laundry and are currently getting ready to start rock climbing today. There’s smoke from a fire in near Mazama, WA today, but, all activities are still operating as planned as of this morning with fires in the area at a distance but providing lots of smoke depending on wind direction. Today the Alpenguides (Katie or Abby) have the pre-scheduled call to parents to let them know how camp is going - parents should keep an eye out for BLOCKED phone numbers, the Alpenguides may be dialing you this morning, afternoon or evening and will leave a message if they miss you when they call. It’s been a great time so far with more fun activities together yet to come!  

See photos posted on Facebook and Instagram of this group:)