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5-day Western Horse Pack

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SW Montana Girls Horseback Camp

Mon, 07/24/2017 - 18:16

horse pack trip girlsEveryone loved going on the horsepack trip with the outfitters! These Alpengirls really love horses. We had many different backgrounds and experiences with horses coming into the trip, but everyone bonded with their horses and seemed like naturals. 

Falyn was the first to ever ride Frank and she helped Casey lead the pack train. She had a hard time saying goodbye to him yesterday. Sonja rode Festus, the largest horse, Brynn was on Penny, the fastest horse, and everyone else had a special horse they connected with on the trip too. 

During the day we rode through the high vallies and peaks of the Centennial Mountains crossing the continental divide, stopping for lunch to going exploring places like an abandoned bear den and a snow field! In the evenings the girls would help the outfitters untack the horses & we would learn things like how to snap the bull whip, how to use a lasso for roping, how to jump on a horse bareback all by yourself, and how to canter.

The girls won a bet with Casey by being ready on time and he did yoga with us the last day of the pack trip!

Alpenguide Cassy taught Kate and Natalie how to play the ukulele & they have been teaching others in the group along with help from Eve. Natalie has mastered playing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." 

There were many mosquitos and horseflies on the pack trip but the girls made the most of it and remained positive. The only time anyone fell off a horse was when riding bare back & there were no serious injuries.

Today we are driving to Yellowstone National Park to see Old Faithful and other park features. We are working on our fire skill bead tonight as well as wilderness first aid. Last night the girls all slept out under the stars. 

We are sad to have to say goodbye to the horses, but excited to go white water rafting soon and spend a few more days together!