Camping 101 - Teaching Girls to Camp Outdoors Since 1997

Camping 101 - Teaching Girls to Camp Outdoors Since 1997

By Alissa Farley

Wed, 2017-03-08 17:35

Teaching camping to girls since 1997During the 1st 24 hours of camp we'll teach you everything you need to know about tent set-up and take-down, personal care and hygiene, cooking outdoors, Leave No Trace practices, being aware of natural risks, keeping warm and dry outdoors and more! 

For those returning Alpengirls (there are MANY of you this summer) - You'll be pros already so be prepared to be the LOD on day 1 or 2! It's fairly common for Alpenguides to choose a returning camper as the first Leader of the Day so they can help new Alpengirls in learning the ropes of camping and gain comfort with living outdoor skills right away so that the real fun can begin!

Alpengirl office assistant and guideA special WELCOME & THANK YOU to Abby - our newest Alpengirl Office Assistant and Alpenguide for summer 2017. Abby is a true artist, she hand-drew all of the new Alpenguide teaching cards and they are pretty, fun and informative so we don't miss a beat with teaching our girls all about camping in the woods!

Abby S aka "Jigsaw" an Alpenguide is age 25 and was raised in St Louis, Missouri. She studied Documentary Production at Ithaca College in NY, has been a coach for Girls on the Run, and has led teen adventure trips all across the US and Canada. She’s now working in the Alpengirl Camp office in Bozeman helping to get things ready for a great summer 2017!

Our girls will love her personality ~ laid-back, confident, supportive and fun!

Read more about our Alpenguides on our staff web page

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