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Beach Camping in Washington

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Olympic Sea to Summit Girls Camp

Tue, 07/25/2017 - 21:10

overnight beach camp in WashingtonYesterday was a wonderful day for the final kayaking day, the group LOVED it! It was great weather, Macy was the LOD and was awesome as anticipated. We crushed the paddle back to the ferry and got to listen/learn about weather updates on the radios. Sweet Couscous Breakfast was made by Melia and was delish and then cook group girls made their 1st girls choice dinner - Chicken Quesadillas. Ella and Annie have completed half of the steps for earning the shelter bead, Martha and Macy are also almost finished completing steps to earn the fire bead. Michelle, Karlee and Maryn completed their Wilderness First Aid scenarios. The Alpenolympic costume contest took place last night. Group attitude has been positive - most all wanted more kayaking days! Today the group is rock climbing and then taking another ferry to arrive at Sequim, WA for camping and preparing for the next event - backpacking in Olympic National Park. 

NOTE: tomorrow (7/26) is the pre-scheduled call date for staff (not girls) to call parents. Parents look for a call from a BLOCKED number sometime tomorrow so staff can tell you all about camp, if they miss you when they have time to call, they will leave a voicemail message for you. The call could be placed anytime, morning, afternoon or evening.