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Horse Adventure I Alpengirls

Wed, 07/26/2017 - 16:06

Costume fashion show girls campThese Alpengirls had a BLAST rafting with Jackson Hole Whitewater on the Snake River yesterday - all got splashed and Camas, Meredith & Kayla rode “the bull” at the front of the boat during the rapids which is where all the big waves hit! Everyone swam in the water and had tons of fun even though it was cloudy weather. It was a little overcast and chilly yesterday, but spirits were high all day! Last night Elizabeth and Amanda made us dinner to earn their Camp Cooking skill bead, we had “Spaghetti Tacos!” They did an awesome job. We also celebrated Natalie’s 14th birthday with brownies. Last night we did the fashion show with the costumes Sonja received in her camp care package, it was hilarious! Meredith won Alpenolympic “best dance moves”, Brynn won “most spirited” and Eve won “most creative!” Amanda and Kate each took a turn at being an LOD and today the group is super excited for souvenir shopping and ice cream and awards ceremony pizza party tonight before departures tomorrow morning from Wyoming.