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Camp Parent Reviews & Testimonials of Alpengirl Camp

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"Emily just went on and on about her Alpengirl trip this year. The girls were great, the sites were amazing and it was so obvious that she was so comfortable to be back with Alpengirl. I think for me that was the best part. To see her so confident and so positive - its never easy to let her walk away but its much easier when I know Alpengirl is on the other end and Emily is about to experience something amazing! YOU and your crew should be so proud of the impression you're having on these girls!! I can't say enough nor can I say thank you too often. To make it even better for Em was that she became my tour guide while we were on vacation - we even went to the same place for dinner that the gang went to while they were there!! She absolutely loved being able to show Mom around and take care of me!!" ~ Lisa (Chicago, Illinois)

"In Jillians words, 'Alpengirl rocks!' Jillian had an experience she will never forget! She came home from the Washington trip more confident and more mature than I have ever seen her. She learned that she could exceed her own expectations for herself, that she could work harder and tolerate more difficult physical situations than she believed. Jillian is so so proud of her accomplishments - she refers to an Alpengirl experience almost daily - even 3 weeks later! The two weeks that Jillian spent with Alpengirl was indeed well spent. She was both challenged - to hike just a little further - and rewarded - filled with pride when a difficult task was accomplished. She came home a little bit sturdier, a lot more compassionate, and much more confident in her own abilities. Through experiences at Alpengirl, Jillian has taken several important steps toward growing up. Her best day was kayaking - her day to be the leader. She learned how to consider others needs when it was time to make a decision, and how to encourage and inspire the group. Sending Jillian on an Alpengirl trip is the best decision I ever made and we're looking forward to next summer!" ~ JoLynne (Bainbridge Island, Washington)

"The camp was great for Samantha's self-esteem. Great friendships were found, last weekend, Samantha and Megan (Alpengirl camp friend) were able to fly to Chicago to be with Zoe (Alpengirl camp friend) for her Bat Mitzvah! I keep hearing about the foods they ate at Alpengirl. Last night Samantha actually asked me to get some stone wheat crackers! I nearly choked in surprise, way to go!" ~ Shannon (Boise, Idaho)

"Thank you again for a wonderful experience Ashley had again this year at camp in Washington. Every year with Alpengirl she has come home renewed, refreshed and focused. You have an excellent program and the Guides are outstanding. Alpengirl continues to be #1 in our lives. Hopefully, someday Ashley can join you as a Guide herself!" ~ Kathy (Kamiah, Idaho)

"Lena was very enthusiastic upon her return from the Alpengirl trip. I asked how she would rate the program on a 1-10 scale. She said, 'a 10 because everything we did was so fun'. We really wanted Lena to have an opportunity to try new things. She especially enjoyed the kayaking. She also said the food was great and she obviously thought the guides were wonderful." ~ Amy (Chugiak, Alaska)

"Hannah had an excellent time on the Montana trip! She loved her guides and the group of girls. She said the food was excellent and she has prepared us a couple of Alpengirl meals. She has found a new love for hiking and camping. We went camping for 3 days and she was a wealth of knowledge right down to the proper way to spit when you brush your teeth." ~ Carol (Big Sky, Montana)

"I can't thank you enough for providing Michele with an awesome Montana camp experience. She hasn't stopped talking about it and showing off her pictures. She loved all of you and in fact one of the first things she told me was that as much as she was upset about me leaving her at the airport on that first day - she was just as upset at leaving you all behind on the last. She didn't want it to end. When I first caught sight of her returning, she looked taller and her smile wider than before - all signs of her increased confidence in herself. That is exactly what I was hoping for from this experience! She is looking forward to another one of your camps next year." ~ Krista (Clarksburg, Maryland)

"Lauren came home from her trip Montana Alpengirl trip a girl changed. She had nothing but great things to say about her trip. What we noticed right away was how Lauren looked. She had a glow about her that she had never had before. She also has a confidence about her that has made her more out going and sure of herself. I think the trip was one of the most important events of her life. She talked about her friends she had met and the relationships she has formed with them. She now thinks about what she eats and is exercising more and looking to be a healthy teen. I think this trip was the best thing to happen to her. I know it has given her a sense of "I can do anything now". She now wants to try different things and has a more positive sense of herself. I can't thank you enough for the great time she had and we certainly look forward to her going again. I would and have recommended your organization to anybody that has girls of Lauren age. You have given Lauren an experience of a life-time and memories that will last forever. Thank you so much. Best to you and your guides, have a great year." ~ Rob (Tiverton, Rhode Island)

"Emma has nothing but "RAVE" reviews of the Lil' Alpengirl Camp! For 11-year olds, one week in Washington was perfect. Emma could have easily done another week (in hindsight) but anticipating a 2-week camp in the beginning may have kept her form signing up in the first place. She had a BLAST! Knowing that she could be away from us for a week and do fine and have such great fun with people she didn't know, that was all I could have asked for and more!" ~ Erica (Seattle, Washington)

"Grace came home fromher Alpengirl Montana trip and said (after apologizing several times that what she was about to say may sounded corny but it was true) "This experience taught me that I can do anything if I work hard enough and put my mind to it". What more could the parents of a thirteen year old girl want! She identified very closely with Christina and Mandy stating they were "the coolest women in the world and that she wanted to be like them." Thank you for providing such strong positive role models. Tell Mandy that I am hunting down Cilantro scented bath products and if they exist, I will find them. Grace continues to do yoga daily and is much more interested in cooking. She kept a journal and wrote down many recipes. Her first day home she made breakfast lunch and dinner for us. She said you are putting out a cookbook. We would be very interested in getting one. You all did so many things right. It sounds like the group had a very nice dynamic which I know is partially the luck of the draw, but is also carefully shaped by the guides as well." ~ Kris (Seattle, Washington)

"Jessy enjoyed the Washington Alpengirl trip very much, she returned with a smile and renewed energy. Mandy and Paige, Jessys guides, both had a profound effect on her short term and long-term views on life. She believed them both to be great selections for the trip. Although it rained on the backpacking trip, Jessy did not fret or worry about it, partly due to her past experiences and partly due to Mandy and Paige." ~ Keith (Missoula, Montana)

"I just wanted to let you know what a great experience Montana Alpengirl was for Amanda. She learned a valuable lesson that hopefully she will carry with her for her entire life. She now knows that her attitude and effort make a huge difference in the outcome. When she arrived home from camp she was so happy and proud that she had figured out that not making an effort at the beginning was making camp miserable and that once she decided to have a positive attitude and try, that she could have fun. I want to thank the counselors for the extra effort and time they had to give her at the beginning and guiding her to see what she needed to do but letting it be her realization." ~ Susan (Seattle, Washington)

"Our daughter greatly benefited from the Alpengirl experience. While she most appreciated the rock-climbing, horseback riding, hot springs, and new-found friends, we were most thrilled that she came home with a new love of nature (not something she was known for in the past), enthusiasm for yoga, physical exertion, and, to a lesser extent, healthy eating, and demanding that we take her backpacking. I would highly recommend this program." ~ Pamina (Pensylvania)

"Heather came back from the trip beaming with confidence! She seems to feel more comfortable in her teenage skin. She is constantly getting comments on how healthy and tone she came back. Your philosophy and small family/like group has given her a sense of self worth and self esteem that a large "camp" cannot touch. Thank you for having such a great program." ~ Ron (Maine)

"Kaley really bonded with the other girls - the comradery was the best for her. For us, she participated in a wilderness experience that was totally positive. She is calmer and more focused. Kaley experienced the wonders of mountains and wilderness areas, learned some valuable lessons in self-sufficiency, and best of all, made some wonderful friends. The comradery she experienced has made a lasting impression." ~ Lucy (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

"I must say it is a testament to the program provided at Alpengirl that they took a pampered, over protected clinging child and helped her become an independent, strong young woman. Amanda made friends and had fun. She came home proud that she had a bruise from every activity; battle scars. As the parent of an severely asthmatic child I know I made the best review choice for my daughter by sending her to Alpengirl." ~ Barbara (New York, New York)

"The counselors were very caring and really encouraged a "team support" spirit. Kali hasn't had a group of friends like that in a long time. She looked great! Her eyes sparkled and she was truly happy and relaxed. Thanks for showing Kali that she can accomplish more than she ever thought possible." ~ Kari (San Diego, California)

"There are few words to express what a fantastic experience J. had as an Alpengirl! She returned with such a sense of confidence, caring for the other girls and guides and with all the new knowledge she is now incorporating into our lives here! We picked her up at the airport and J. did not stop yakking until she went to sleep that night. The strongest sentiment she brought home with her was the incredible camaraderie you all had during camp! She told us how you cared for their physical beings, i.e., water consumption, eating habits, poopin' in the woods, body temperature, etc. I really felt you were on top of all the details and are really looking out for the girls. J. loved the yoga, in fact we just came in from a morning yoga session in our beautiful backyard! She raved about the food, the roadside dances, the costume contest, the pirates of the wooden boat foundation contest, and thoroughly enjoyed the backpack. There was not one minute she was not extremely happy! She is an Alpengirl with a great altitude!!!! Put us on the list for next year!! Thank you so very much for this experience." ~ Barbara (Phoenix, Arizona)

"Alyssa's experience was a very positive and rewarding one. She returned home energized and enthusiastically talking about possibilities for next year. Alyssa stated that all the guides were "fun" and "really nice" and "competent," and she appreciated that they did not treat the girls like children, but rather freely interacted with them openly and playfully. For a teenager the fact that an adult is actively listening to them and respecting their opinion is an eye-opening and thrilling experience all at once. She felt challenged by the guides to push herself to her limits but never in an unsafe way. As a result she feels more confident in her physical abilities. Our impression is that Alyssa returned home from this trip (and last year's trip to Montana) more self-aware and pleased with herself and the new possibilities that life suddenly has to offer; for a lack of better words, she is infinitely more grown-up! From being away from her family but yet still in a safe environment, she is allowed - and allows herself - to grow socially, mentally, and physically. A unique process of self-discovery begins taking place. She puts herself "out there" and comes out on top. She is given unique opportunities to accomplish things on her own and within a group of her peers and rises to the challenge. She seems to derive immense satisfaction from these feelings of accomplishment. We know from her trip last year that this carries over into her academic and extra-curricular activities at school. The amount of confidence building that this trip allows - socially and physically - is invaluable for any teenager's future. We asked Alyssa what she learned about herself. Without more than a moment's thought she wrote out this response: 1. I can do a lot if I set my mind to it. 2. I can do more than I thought I could (example: steep hikes, 100 crunches everyday). 3. I like to challenge myself. 4. I really like to be outdoors & hike. 5. I want to become an Alpengirl guide. Alyssa obviously appreciates the physical challenges which she encounters in the destinations chosen by Alpengirl. It's obvious that a lot of work and planning go into choosing destinations and diverse activities that inspire and stimulate the girls. The chosen locales strengthen Alyssa's appreciation for the beauty of nature. In addition, Alyssa raved about the camp food (always healthy) and daily dose of yoga. In our opinion Alpengirl provides an incredibly well-rounded and balanced trip. We would not hesitate to send Alyssa on another Alpengirl trip." ~ Lynn (Albuquerqe, New Mexico)

"Finally a few minutes to send you a quick note and say once again how much I notice the change in Emily when she returns from a trip with you guys! She absolutely loves coming out there. This year was a different reaction than last year - happy to be home but more confident and definitely closer to the girls in this group. She continues to rave about the trip - we just spent several hours putting her photos in her album and we had a great time laughing and hearing about the adventures. I, of course, saw the web photos as soon as I got your email and forwarded the announcement to grandparents, friends and of course Emily! You know I still have the one of her in the grass from last year as my wallpaper on my desktop!" ~ Lisa (Naperville, Illinois)

"Nora has been home over a week and is still talking about her great adventure. She has her heart set on a return next summer and a long-term goal of becoming a counselor. We're thrilled for her and grateful to Alpengirl for providing her with such a self-affirming venue. Nora didn't return home "changed" so much as she came home more fully and comfortably herself. This is a girl with a growing sense of wonderlust who has always been game for new challenges. How great for her to find adults living that life and sharing it with her and like-minded girls. Simply put, Nora's Alpengirl adventure let her see, without a doubt, that as she steps out she not only can trust her own path and growing sure-footedness, but there are wonderful girls (and adults) waiting to join her." ~ Deb (San Francisco, California)

"Despite some reservations on her age and readiness for this kind of trip, I encouraged Em to go ahead and have a great time. I sent a child that liked to sit around on Sat mornings and watch cartoons and eat junk food and I got back a child more self confident, who was into yoga, liked tofu and knew about vegans! She was so excited and buzzing over the trip from start to finish!!! She's carried her photo album with her everywhere else this summer just so she could show everyone and with each comes a picture. I can say with confidence, this trip was everything I had hoped for her and then some! Thanks to you and your staff, who by now I feel I know, for this such a great experience!! I've already recommended your camps to several friends - there's one guy who's 5 year old is already to go! I look forward to hearing about the next season!" ~ Lisa (Chicago, Illinois)

"No words can describe how pleased we are with the adventures our daughter had at your camp in Montana. Melisa came home so happy and filled with exciting stories of all the fun she had. Your camp reinforced her feelings of self esteem, awareness and team work. After all Melisa and our family have been through here in New York, Alpengirl was exactly what she needed to lift her spirits. All the girls on her trip sounded wonderful. I feel like I have a new daughter! Thank you for taking on this incredible adventure with these girls. Keep up the good work, a great review!" ~ Jacqueline (Albany, New York)

“Hello! Our daughter, Linnea has attended 3 Alpengirl camps and thoroughly enjoyed them all! She has made many friends from the three camps that she still keeps in touch with on a regular basis. Every time we picked her up from the airport after a camp, she has been full of stories of fun, friendship, adventure, cooking, yoga, dance parties and leadership! Thanks to Alpengirl and all of the leaders for a wonderful outdoor experience for the girls!” ~ Kristy (Richland, Washington)

“I really can't say enough positive things about the Alpengirl experience from a parent's perspective! My daughter started with Alpengirl at age 12, flying across the country to get to Montana. She experienced the beautiful outdoors for two solid weeks, gaining an appreciation for nature and adventure that we couldn't have given her. She made great friendships, learned leadership, gained tremendous self-confidence and self-esteem. She was more active than ever before in her life, and to this day continues to be both active and a healthy eater. I would highly encourage any parent to send their daughter to Alpengirl!” ~ Marlene (Boston, Massachusetts) 

“Our daughter, Maia participated in the AlpenGirl program and really enjoyed the experience. She is thirteen and this was her first time with AlpenGirl at the Montana Horse camp which was a two-week session. We sent her in order to experience camaraderie amongst girls her age in  an environment that taught self-reliance and independent thinking. The  early teens is such a transitional age and we felt that she needed a  positive camp experience would help her feel more confident as a teen. Although this was her first camp away from home, she returned  transformed and with a new sense of self. The girls came from as far as Italy and Ecuador, many friendships were forged in that time and to this  day, Maia has remained in touch with all of them via Facebook and Skype. For this alone, we are extremely grateful. The camp itself was well-run and organized. The girls were given  opportunities to support each other in teams that helped foster friendships. They were encouraged to be individually creative, vocal and supportive of each other's unique personalities and qualities. There seemed ample positive opportunities to grow and learn, which helped boost Maia's confidence and self-esteem in all the physical activities (horseback, hiking, kayak/rafting). She has come away with many happy memories, new friendships and experiences that she will treasure in the years to come. The spirit of Alpengirl captured the essence of what we had hoped to give our daughter. Maia looks forward to attending another camp, in fact - many of her fellow campers talk about attending a trip together someday. We commend Alyssa Farley and her staff for the excellent work they do to help  nurture young girls at these wonderful camps. We are very glad we sent Maia and feel fortunate for the experience. Your daughter would be very lucky to have this opportunity to experience  Alpengirl.” ~ Michelle (Bozeman, Montana)

Camper Reviews & Testimonials of Alpengirl Camp  

"I know that my life is not indoors, but Outdoors." ~ Ashton (Washington)

“I went to Alpengirl camp when I was 12 and 13 (now 19), because of going to the camp I have life long love and respect of the outdoors. The camp gives girls the opportunity to get out of their comfort zones and see breathtaking sights, I highly recommend this awesome camp, it is an adventure that you will never forget!” ~ Kaitlin (California)

“My experience with Alpengirl shaped me into who I am to this day. After my first trip to Montana I was hooked! My appreciation for the outdoors, being active and eating healthy started eight years ago on my first Alpengirl camp. Some of my best memories are from my camp days, and I will always highly recommend Alpengirl to any girl looking for adventure!” ~ Morgan (Massachusetts)

“I LOVE Alpengirl! I went when I was 14 (and I didn’t even want to go) but I had the most amazing time of my life! I went to 2 more camp sessions, interned for a summer, and then became an Alpenguide for 6 summers, finishing up as the Assistant Camp Director. That’s how much I love Alpengirl and how much I believe in the program and how much fun it is and how much it impacts girls’ lives.” ~ Alyssa (New Mexico)

“Three of my favourite summers were spent hiking, kayaking, and canoeing with Alpengirl! I can't think of three experiences which impacted me as much as Alpengirl where I found my love for the outdoors, for travel, and for new experiences. I owe a big thanks to my counselors, my fellow Alpengirls, and the outdoors for these trips. I would recommend Alpengirl with more stars than five if it were possible!” ~ Cassie (London, UK)

“Going to Alpengirl was one of the best things I ever did! Alpengirl isn’t like other camps! There are so many amazing things about it. Camp isn’t like school, where it takes you years ot get to know someone. At Alpengirl it only took days. I felt closer to everyone, more than most of my classmates at school. At camp you are accepted for who you are, no matter what. Things that would normally feel awkward about, you don’t have to at camp. Even the things that would usually be unpleasant, like not taking a shower or going to the bathroom in the woods is fun; even the daily chores are fun. I became very close with many of my fellow Alpengirls, I still talk to them today. At camp you learn to within a group, as well as learning to be independent. Throughout the 2 weeks you grow as a group and individually. What attracted me to Alpengirl is the adventure. It was so great going into the mountains and backpacking or raft the Yellowstone and Gallatin River, sea kayak and explore the Washington beautiful beaches. Not to worry for those who are not experienced in backpacking or other activities, camp is geared for anyone with any experience. I’ve attended Alpengirl in WA and MT, both were great. The guides are real fun and approachable. I had amazing guides both times I have gone. Alpengirl is an amazing experience for any teenage girl. Alpengirl has given me confidence that I never thought I had. I would recommend going to Alpengirl to any teenage girl!” ~ Erin (Montana)

“Hi i’m Margaux, i’m from Puerto Rico and i’m 17 years old, my first year at Alpengirl i was 12 years old. I traveled to Montana my first year all alone and i had no idea what i was expecting when i got to the airport. When i got there i met my group and i was really shy. None of us knew each other an we wore really quiet at first. But then the guides made a “get to know you game”. It was really fun. By the 3 day we wore all best friend. I had so many good adventures at alpengirl, things that i had never done before, this camp was so amazing that i decided to go the next year and make new friends, some of them i didnt know and some of them i had met the last year. I loved the guides they wore really fun .They would always show us how to survive in the wild and how to avoid danger. We learned how to build fires, set up shelters and camp under the stars. One of the best thing that i loved it was that if we had a rainy day and it looked like it was going to be a bad day, the guides mede sure that it was the best day, i think that i never got bored in this camp.I learned so much, my English got so much better and i learned how to be confident. I’m so happy that i chose this camp, if you want to go to an all girls camp i promiss you that Alpengirl is the best decision.” ~ Margaux (Cayey, Puerto Rico)

“I love the camp sessions that I did. I did 2 in Montana and 1 in Washington in a row and had a blast all summer! It was my first time doing it, Alpengirl and backpacking in general and I loved it. I would definitely go back next year, and most likely be an intern. I loved the camp because the I got to make friends with people form around the country, and they are friendships that I’ll hold forever. Thanks Alpengirl for an incredible summer!” ~ Zarina (Washington)

“Out of the many camps I’ve been to (and there have been A LOT), Alpengirl was BY FAR, my favorite. You leave the ordinary and come away with amazing stories. Apart form the beauty of nature, the people and guides are amazing. I remember sining Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody with my fellow campers while paddling. Randomly, we would have Alpengirl CHALLENGES, which included best snow slide, or costume contest. The guides are hilarious. I still remember the snow fight I had with one of the counselors in the mountains and how crazy and fun they all were. The nature isn’t bad either. I remember accidentally jumping into endangered heather because I thought that the marmot, a creature I had never seen before, was a mountain lion, approaching the park ranger on the ridge ahead. In Washington state, a cute little baby seal followed my boat all the way home. Of course, every time I took the camera out of my bag he decided to go under water. What I am trying to say, being very verbose while doing so, is that attending any Alpengirl camp is an AMAZING experience and I would definitely do it again.” ~ Caroline (South Carolina)

“I loved Alpengirl so much the first time I went, I came back the next two summers! This camp is incredible! All the guides I had were amazing, and I made great friends each time i went. Every single moment was fun! Alpengirl is a truly amazing experience, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. There are things I learned at Alpengirl that I still use in my life today! Keep up the good work ladies!” ~ Ashley (Idaho)

“I had incredible experiences both times I went to Alpengirl (except “incredible” doesn’t really begin to cover it). The combination of eating healthy food, doing daily yoga, and being active in gorgeous parts of the world made me feel the healthiest and happiest I had ever felt. I hope to come back as an Alpenguide someday, and in the meantime encourage anyone who’s interested to look into the program. You won’t regret it. Alpengirl Love!” ~ Lauren (California)

"Yoga feels good! After backpacking, stretching out my sore muscles was all I wanted to do. The poses may be hard, but afterwards you feel great!" ~ Alex (Oregon)

"I have never experienced the love and affection of total strangers, like I did at Alpengirl." ~ Mary (California)

"I've changed so much since my first Alpengirl trip. Alpengirl has taught me so much. I am more confident, I can plan out a whole trip, I can guide seven 11-year-olds, plan their food, and with the Lil' Alpengirls I was so patient! That is just something that Alpengirl does to me. It strengthens my patience a lot. … I see many different sides of me here. Thank you guys so much for these awesome trips!" ~ Ashley (Idaho)

"One of the joys of Alpengirl is that on every trip, you are with new people. … Everyone has a special story to tell and a special flavor to add to the group, including myself! I have learned to get along with people and keep a positive attitude. These lessons have been a GREAT benefit." ~ Stephanie (North Dakota)

"Alpengirl really helped me figure out what I enjoyed. Thank you so much for all the fun. I really had a blast!" ~ Hannah (Montana)

"When we pulled into Centennial Valley, I was already so amazed at all the wildflowers. We set up our tents while Mel, the most awesome cowboy you'll ever meet, brought and tied up the horses." ~ Emmy (Washington)

"The entire experience of traveling down a raging river was A-mazing!! The best part of rafting on the cold rapids of the river was wearing the incredibly stylish wet suits." ~ Nora (California)

"I returned home from my GREAT summer and on the first day of school, I noticed I was much more confident and felt SO much better about myself. If it wasn't for Alpengirl I would never have felt so great about myself." ~ Amanda (Washington)

"I powered myself with my own positiveness. I pushed myself and tested my limits and it was amazing. I transformed in to someone… who could do anything." ~ Grace (Washington)

"I came back to Alpengirl to make new friends. Coming back to Alpengirl is a big thing to me. I get so close to the guides and campers and always stay in touch. It's important to have good bonds with people and Alpengirl gives you that - every trip. I came back to Alpengirl for the experience. That once-in-a-lifetime experience you get more than once!" ~ Coconut (Missouri)

"Yesterday we had the hike, it was really hard but I'm proud of myself and others making it to the top. Whitewater rafting is coming up soon and I am really looking forward to that! So far, this trip has been alot of fun and the food is awesome!" ~ Kaley (Minnesota)

"My perception of junk-food has changed. I know now, to eat it in moderation. Vegetables taste fine now; I have a new attitude about eating right, and enjoying myself at the same time. I'm definitely coming back next year!" ~ Lexi (Utah)

"One of the joys of Alpengirl is that on every trip, you are with new people... Everyone has a special story to tell and a special flavor to add to the group, including myself! I have learned to get along with people and keep a positive attitude. These lessons have been a GREAT benefit." ~ Stephanie (South Dakota)

"What you accomplish makes you who you are. For me, Alpengirl was a step that will help me to discover my true self." ~ Lindsey (Conneticut)

"I have never experienced the love and affection of total strangers, like I did at Alpengirl." ~ Maria (California)

"I will no longer feel small and intimidated when I look at the mountains at home. I will be able to say, 'I have climbed taller mountains that.' " ~ Toni (California)

"I began to let myself fall open like pages from a book. Let everyone read the words written on the page to know about me and the rest of the chapter." ~ Marisa (Washington)

"I've never been to a camp that is so busy. We have new activities everyday!" ~ Katie (Georgia)

"Alpengirl will touch girls hearts that join each summer in my opinion in a way they won't be able to explain but will know it is there." 
~ Liz (Washington)

"I have learned so much from this trip, from that dragonskin lichon grows and inch in 10 years to how to compress a sleeping bag."  ~ Alexa (Pennsylvania)

"Over the period of time I spent with Alpengirl I have changed so much and I have learned so many things that I can barely recognize myself." ~ Skyla (California)

"In my life that I have lived so far, I think of this camp as one of the most exciting and fun trips I have ever gone on." ~ Melisa (New York)

"At camp I can just be me. I am able to let it all out and take it all in. In our war torn world today, where else can a group of girls make true bonds that will last with them no matter what happens to our country and world?" ~ Jackie (California)

"Waking up at 3 p.m., taking a shower, and starting the day at 6 p.m. was where my summer was most likely going. This camp gave me a chance to begin thinking clearly. My eyes were opening on problems I now have the confidence to face. I now have the clear mind to do things I could love and never have known." ~ Darci (Michigan)

"Yoga. When most people hear that word, they think of calm and flexibility. In Alpengirl, we strive for those two qualities, but at the same time try not to fall asleep mid-posture, which I have seen people do. We laugh and have fun." ~ Sara (North Carolina)

"This trip was tough for me. But, no matter how tough, you always knew if I needed a hug or just a kick in the pants. Your faith in me gave me faith in myself." ~ From an Alpengirl to her Alpenguide

"I had 8 really good friends here. Looking at it, we were all like sisters - we have our quarrels, we have our friendships." ~ Katie (Georgia)

"I thought it was really cool how the guides had the campers cooking. It gave me a chance to improve my cooking skills. It was sweet of the guides to get up every morning and make breakfast. I know it helped to start my day better. The meals that were made were really healthy and nourishing, but also had great taste. I was really glad that we weren't fed lots of sweets because I noticed without the sweets I was much less tired and more refreshed. These two weeks I not only learned great physical activities, but also what a great meal can do for you!" ~ Karen (Alaska)

"The leaders at camp were also vital, considering the fact that they taught us various things, from yoga to setting up a tent to branching out our friendships. Most importantly, the Alpenguides had a very big passion for helping each of us out. If one of us had a problem, they would talk to us to optimize our camp experience. They noticed the things that were important. I had a great time backpacking, hiking, and camping at Alpengirl and I couldn't have enjoyed myself nearly as much without any of the 13 others at camp." ~ Eliza (Illinois)

"Leader. It can be a noun, but the leader of the day at Alpengirl takes action, and makes leader a verb. I think that Alpengirl has given everyone an opportunity to be an exceptional leader and show qualities they don't normally project or put out." ~ Marla (Oregon)

"Looking out to the snow capped glaciers trapped in the mist of clouds we momentarily forgot the weight of our packs and took in the beauty of the mountains knowing few people would have the opportunity to witness nature in such a pure and powerful way. The 4 day backpacking trip taught me so much about myself and what I was capable of achieving while helping me form a strong bond with other campers here at Alpengirl. Although it was difficult, when I think back on the trip I'm reminded of wonderful images of seclusion and peace from the High Divide and in the forest." ~ Holly (Illinois)

"Backpacking is like the dinner you thought you wouldn't like but did. You have to finish the dinner to get the dessert of great views and more fun activities" ~ Fiona (Florida)

"Going away from home is something that scared me for my whole life until now. Camp is where you get more fit, make new friends, and have fun. All I cared about was what if I get homesick. When I came to this camp everyone got along. Being away from home for the first time, I was surprised what I accomplished. The most successful of these goals was me getting over my homesickness. You would be surprised if you had the same problem also. Missing my mom and dad and my home faded away. You are so active during the day, you forget about those things and concentrate on others, although you don't want to." ~ Becca (Colorado)

"I've never been on a tour of any kind where the head of the camp cares enough to come on every tour. In doing so, we are able to change the daily activities at a moments notice. These changes are always welcome. In other companies the owners have no idea what the trips are like, and the counselors never care. Alpengirl has restored my confidence in summer camps. I look forward to another summer of fun, peace and challenges. It is fitting that Alpengirl calls itself an adventure camp because it has certainly been an adventure I'll never forget." ~ Sara (New York)

"But, in the smaller, more realistic view of life, leadership plays not a role in survival but happiness. At Alpengirl the campers learn that small leadership roles can mean big decisions and big learning." ~ Ali (Oregon)

"From the time I stepped off the airplane at gate 43 terminal 2 to now, I have changed in so many ways I can't exactly categorize it. I have noticed things I usually don't notice, thought things I have never thought, and felt things, although felt before, that I could share." ~ Beth (Georgia)

"Living at home and living at Alpengirl are very different lifestyles. All girls are different and adapt to this in different ways. The physical Fitness at Alpengirl is an adjustment for all girls, whether it is big or small. Everyday the Alpengirls are exercising whether it's backpacking up mountains, rock climbing real rocks, hiking to caves, horseback riding to beautiful lakes and fields, white-water rafting down the Gallatin, doing yoga at breathtaking views, canoeing on Henry's Fork, swimming and soaking at hot springs, walking around Yellowstone, and floating down rivers. Even laughter and crazy fun games become exercise. At the end of camp lots of girls even see physical results in their fitness. Alpengirls are tough and determined. Personally my time at Alpengirl has been great. I love the exercise activities and more at Alpengirl!" ~ Courtney (Pennsylvania)

"As one stretches to the left, they do the right. My heart changed as the weather from cloudy and dark to the feeling of soaring in a perfect blue sky. I am so grateful for that." ~ Carly (California)

"I noticed that now I actually have arm muscles. No more flimsy bones! I think it was the yoga and rock climbing." ~ Izzy (California)

"At the beginning of the trip if I couldn't do something I would get really down and upset. But now, if I can't do something I would keep trying until I do." ~ Ellen (Oklahoma)

"The best part of my whole camp experience was finding out who I am and what the important things in life are." ~ Meghan (Missouri)

"I will think about life differently from this time on. In two weeks these girls have become like sisters to me. I love you guys!" ~ Calla (Idaho)

"I gained more respect for wildlife and more self confidence." ~ Heather (Maine)

"I've changed dramatically during my time at Alpengirl. I've become more outgoing, not so quiet, and a lot less shy. It's easier for me to loosen up, have fun, and meet new people. I have definitely come out from behind my mom's skirt. Finally." ~ Adara (Georgia)

"This was the most fun camp I have ever been to in my life, it was challenging yet exhilarating at the same time. I loved it!" ~ Kelly (Minnesota)

"This camp helped me learn to camp outside and understand it too" ~ Lindsey (Michigan)

"This past summer was a good experience for me, I met friends that I will have for the rest of my life, and I did things I never thought I could do. So, thank you for showing me that things that look impossible are only impossible in your mind, that I can do anything." ~ Erika (Florida)

"This camp really helped me get over my homesickness." ~ Caroline (Montana)

"I feel good and I got a 6-pack (stomach muscles) and I am in shape, it made me feel good." ~ RayAnne (Idaho)

"My self-confidence is much higher. After this I feel like I can do anything and nothing can stop me." ~ Jessica (Nevada)

"I developed friendships-really strong ones. This experience also helped me to cut my soda drinking by drinking more water. The girls here are really great!" ~ Lauren (California)

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