Northern Rockies Camps

3 Unique Teen Girls Adventure Camps in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho 

Girls ages 12-14 choose a camp (or combine camps) for the ultimate journey through the US Northern Rockies!

Camp: Majestic Big Sky Adventure (I)  July 2-13, 2016 (12 days)

This is the first leg of our journey which takes us to adventures in the southwest corner of Montana in the Big Sky area where we’ll be adventuring in the Spanish Peaks, on the Idaho-Montana border near Yellowstone, and on the Continental Divide.

Camp: Yellowstone Horseback Adventure (I)  July 15-27, 2016 (13 days)

This is the next leg of our journey which takes us on a one-way adventure filled trip that starts in Bozeman, MT and continues through Yellowstone National Park and Teton National Park to end in Jackson Hole, WY.

Camp: Wild & Scenic Salmon Raft Adventure  July 29-August 9, 2016 (12 days)

This is the final leg of our journey which takes us for adventures that begin in Boise, ID and travel directly to Sun Valley, Idaho and continue as we travel across central Idaho on the Main Salmon River to McCall, ID to end in Boise, ID.

Alpengirl Northern Rockies Journey Map and Route

Alpengirl Northern Rockies Camps Route

All camps in the Northern Rockies are appropriate for girls ages 12, 13 and 14 with little to no experience in outdoors adventure activities or camp.

Each camp is unique in the location experienced, so that no matter what camps girls choose to combine (or return to in following years) they will not be repeating an activity such as whitewater rafting in the same location. For example, girls in the Majestic Big Sky Adventure (I) camp will raft the Gallatin River, and if they stay on (or return the following year) to enjoy the Yellowstone Horseback Adventure camp, they will raft the Snake River. Same fun activity, different awesome place. 

Girls who are ready to be away from home for longer and desire even more adventure this summer may choose to do more than one camp session in a summer. The 3 different camps in the Northern Rockies are scheduled consecutively and work well together as a combination with limited time between camp sessions. If interested, call and speak with the Camp Director about suitability for this option and to discuss overnight arrangements between camps etc..

Camps in the Northern Rockies are purposefully scheduled to be different start & end dates than the camps offered in the Pacific Northwest and as a result of this scheduling, camp choices for girls ages 12-14 are maximized. That’s great news for busy families with summer scheduling limitations.

There are 3 camps in Northern Rockies and 3 camps in the the Pacific Northwest for 12-14 year old girls to choose from - that’s a total of 6 different camps at 6 different dates at 6 different locations.  Cool! 

How about combining a camp in the Northern Rockies with one in the Pacific Northwest? Yes - you can! Only problem with this is that you’ll need to return home between camps as the dates do not coincide to be back-to-back in the 2 different locations. 

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