Alpengirl Camp Registration Process & Forms

Alpengirl Camp openings are available on a 1st-come, 1st-served basis until filled. Registering early is recommended; we have less than 12 camper spaces available per session. 

COME BACK ~ Open for 2018 camp registration THIS FALL - NOVEMBER! (Register before 12/15/17 for early registration discount.)

Step 1

Call Alpengirl. Call us in Montana at 406-570-6312 to check on availability and to determine if the Alpengirl camp program and your session of choice are a good fit for your girl.

Step 2

Register Online. Submit an Online Registration Form and a $600 deposit for each camp session selected.

Call Alpengirl if you are unable to (or choose not to) register online using a credit card for deposit.

Step 4

Mail Final Payment. Final balance is due by check or money order in the mail to: Alpengirl PO Box 1138 Manhattan, MT 59741.

Call Alpengirl if you are unable to (or prefer not to) pay final balance by check or money order.

The Online Registration Process

Before beginning, please read this important information. 

Parent/s or Legal Guardian/s (collectively “parent/s”) of campers:  Parent/s must complete this registration process and complete and sign all information or forms requested in this process.  Although your daughter should be with you while you are completing this registration process (and needs to review the materials with you and sign in certain places), Alpengirl needs parent/s to complete this registration and sign all required forms.

Alpengirl’s online registration system allows you to electronically access, read and complete information, and sign documents related to your daughter’s Alpengirl experience. During the registration process you will be required to provide full registration information and complete a variety of forms. 

A camper is considered registered once Alpengirl receives the initial registration information and deposit. Alpengirl also requires the submission of additional information, forms and payment. Therefore, a camper’s final acceptance, enrollment and participation in a camp session is contingent upon Alpengirl’s receipt of your initial registration and deposit, your full and timely payment, and receipt and review of your submitted registration and medical information and signed forms.

Before beginning the process we suggest you carefully read our forms (see above). These forms contain important information associated with your program experience and must be signed (either electronically or in a printable version*) by the parent/s of the minor camper.  Parent/s understand that completing these forms involves your acceptance of binding contract terms.  

*If you would prefer to complete and sign a printable version of these forms, please contact us to request a paper copy of the form/s that you can complete, sign and mail back to Alpengirl via U.S. mail.

Once Registered

Once you have submitted your registration form and secured your space, follow this helpful list to get ready for camp:

  1. Read the Welcome to Camp letter from the Camp Director
  2. Read the Travel Information & book your travel to/from camp
  3. Print the Packing List and start selecting your gear
  4. Start exercising for hiking and wearing in your hiking boots
  5. Practice overnights for a weekend or more without your parents and talk with your parents about summer camp homesickness and camp expectations
  6. Submit your final payment and forms (Note: The health care recommendation form requires a licensed medical personnel signature based on a medical examination within the last 12 months of the camper’s final day at camp this summer. Please review the health form instructions for more information.)
  7. Look for the pre-camp letter and outfitter waivers emailed to you in late May
  8. Have your camp questions ready for your pre-camp call from camp staff in late June
  9. Pack your gear according to the packing list
  10. Update Alpengirl with any changes to your health form, contact info or travel info
  11. Re-read website information and your session itinerary
  12. Arrive at camp ready for great new adventures

Please ask questions and communicate with us anytime via phone, email or Facebook.

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