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Meet the Alpengirl Team

Our camp guides are the best… some say they even have Superpowers!

Alpenguide duties go far beyond typical camp counselor jobs by providing wilderness medical care, evaluating and managing risks, leading adventure activities, driving vans and by planning and preparing delicious meals with campers. Our summer adventure camp leaders "the Alpenguides" are truly inspirational and are the #1 reason to choose Alpengirl; they know how to have fun and have the outdoor skills to boot!

As well as being seasoned outdoors people who have an excellent rapport with teen girls, your Alpenguides are experienced leaders in adventure travel, and are intuitive educators. These skills are combined with professional certifications such as Wilderness First Responder, Lifeguard, and Yoga.

Alpenguides are positive and fun role models with SUPERHUMAN POWERS!

Camp Director: Gabatron

Gabatron, G-Mac, Gizmo, Gabs

Known Superhero Powers: Gabatron is an expert transformer who possesses a variety of forms which she can shift between: from Gabby the earthly sparkly leader of giggly dance parties to Gabatron 7000 who ensures all Alpenguides are equipped to safely lead trips. Gabatron can unlock different abilities based on the nature of any opportunity or obstacle that may lay ahead. Transforming from community leader to wilderness permit manager to adventuress to logistics superhero, Gabatron is the shapeshifter for all of Alpengirl’s needs.Read more

Assistant Director: Ker Bear

Known Superhero Powers: Ker Bear uses her super juggling powers to help keep all those Alpengirl balls in the air. She can navigate the fiercest of rivers while plotting trip itineraries, conquer mountain summits in the midst of managing logistics, and inspire our incredible Alpenguides to deliver the best trips of the summer…while letting loose at a roadside dance party. Lead by example, after all!Read more

Director Emerita: A-Grl

Alpengirl Camp Director Emerita

Known Superhuman Powers: When A-Grl is adorned with, as many superheroes are, a special instrument of inspiration; a cape, her natural capacity for spontaneous exuberance, creative visioning, organizational leadership and genuine caring go far beyond the range attainable by normal humans to reach superhuman strength levels.Read more

Risk & Safety Lead: Dave Dennis

Dave is co-founder and Executive Director of Cornerstone Safety Group. He is also the founder and President of Resilient Solutions , a risk management and emergency response consulting firm serving travel and experiential education organizations since 2011.

Dave has a master’s degree in risk management from Norwich University, has spent the past 28 years in domestic and international travel operations, responded to thousands of incidents, and has advised over 70 organizations in risk management practices and training. Dave is also the Co-Chair of the Gap Year Association’s...Read more

Medical Director: Joshua Dubansky

Dr. Dubansky is co-founder and Medical Director of Cornerstone Safety Group. He is a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician with special expertise in Wilderness Medicine. Dr. Dubansky is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Nevada School of Medicine and serves as Medical Director for the Northstar California ski clinic, three national forests and several outdoor adventure companies.

Dr. Dubansky received his medical degree from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in 2010, then trained in Emergency Medicine at UCSF-Fresno where he...Read more

Mental Health Lead: Maureen MacConnell

Maureen MacConnell, PMHNP-BC, PSY-M, is a board-certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner providing mental health consultation and training in over 60 countries globally. She has advanced degrees in Clinical Psychology and Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing, and is pursuing a Doctorate in Education in Human and Organizational Learning. Maureen joins Cornerstone with fifteen years experience as a mental health clinician both domestically and internationally. She believes in providing continuous, adaptive support for travelers and is passionate about navigating the complexities of...Read more

Camper Engagement: Mattie Goat

wilderness summer camp staff leader

Known Superhuman Powers: Ever seen a mountain goat navigating a high alpine ridge? If you look closely you might also spot a wild Mattie Goat with her flock - she loves exploring in the mountains and her favorite thing is to share these experiences with others. Nothing conquers mountains quite like girl power, an Mattie might just be the girl power G.O.A.T!Read more

Food Program Lead: Jewels

Wilderness summer camp staff leader

Known Superhuman Powers: Jewels is gifted with a superhuman power of gleaming! She gathers her own special quality of light and shines it upon the camp experience so campers can identify, collect and cherish the brightest and shiniest camp memories much like the smoothed and colorful pebbles collected on a beach or from a mountain stream.Read more


Known Superhuman Powers: J-Peg is an avid photographer and videographer, which encompasses her ability to find beauty in life’s simplest things, even if that beauty is hard to find. She strives to seek those capturable moments instead of waiting for them to appear in front of her, and there’s nothing she loves more than sharing those beautiful moments with others.Read more


Known Superhuman Powers: Always ready for a quacktastic time, look up at the sky, Daniduck has taken flight! Always waddling from one adventure to the next, she’s constantly looking for new friends to take under her wing. Using duckinesis, she can connect with others and support them with their needs and personal growth. Watch out, if you get caught in her hypnotic fluff, you will be showered with the warmest of hugs or compassionate conversations.Read more

Willow Whisperer

Known Superhuman Powers: An increased sense of creativity! Able to think up a solution to almost any problem no matter how big! Can find fun and good vibes in any environment.Read more


Known Superhuman Powers: Adapting to wherever she adventures and treks through life, Chamomile is able to grow in any environment and create community with those around her. Chamomile has the superhuman power to encourage meaningful connections with others through empathetic listening, empowerment, and bounds of deeply-rooted support.Read more

Lady Gingersnaps

Known Superpowers: Lady Gingersnaps can organize any group excursion and have most, if not all of the plans in a word doc to share with everyone within a few hours. Giving everyone a sense of initial direction and then leaving room for exploration and fun along the way. She has the power to be gentle, yet encouraging to all the people around her. She listens to others' verbal and non-verbal cues and helps them take the first steps out of their fears and into their own strength!Read more

Grooving Pine

Known Superhuman Powers: Grooving Pine has gained the superhuman power to adapt to almost any environment she finds herself in. As pine trees are typically sturdy with deep roots, Grooving Pine is stable and dependable - she knows how to rely on her deep rooted connections and experiences in order to weather a storm. However, she also is able to groove and adapt to different and new environments and has learned to go where the wind takes her. She also has the superhuman power to pack an excessive amount of things into a tight space.Read more

Wooly Sock

Known Superhuman Powers: Cozy and durable, Wooly Sock is ready to take you to beautiful places! She loves to keep you feeling warm and fuzzy from your toes to your nose while you push yourself to try new things in the natural world. Wooly Sock’s warmth allows campers to feel at home, even in the harshest of environments. She has the ability to make everyone feel welcome and safe, so that all campers can thrive and grow! Despite her superhuman powers, just like any good wool sock, she can also get a little bit stinky after a few days in the backcountry.

Read more

Shooting Star

Teen adventure camp trip leader

Known Superhuman Powers: Seeing a shooting star is a visual reminder of our connection to the universe, and this Shooting Star has been gifted with the superhuman ability to spot even the faintest trail of colorful light in the evening sky. Being with Shooting Star at camp is sure to inspire you to direct your eyes upward and to be present with all that is in the sky - the sun, the moon and bright stars above. Shooting Star believes that “anything is possible” for all campers, just make a wish upon a star and see it fly across the night sky!Read more


Known Superhuman Powers: An extraordinary ability to pick up on the small details of the natural world. Scout delights in identifying everything from delicate wildflowers to elusive birds, enriching every adventure with unique insights. With an insatiable curiosity and a passion for sharing discoveries, Scout ensures that no detail goes unnoticed, turning every journey into a fascinating exploration of nature’s hidden wonders.Read more

Brandy Morel

Known Superhuman Powers: She’s a fun loving, go-getting, and adventurous soul! Having a bad day, she’ll save the day! Brandy quickly earned her name after rescuing a trail group from a rattlesnake and one exclaimed “Brandy! You saved us!”, the rest is history. Like a Morel mushroom, she’s not only a very fungi ;) but plays a super important role in any ecosystems! She deeply roots herself in her communities, making sure everything around her is thriving and putting herself wherever others can benefit from.Read more

Daring Dandelion

Known Superhuman Powers: Daring Dandelion loves to strike a balance between strength and whimsy in every part of life. Like the seeds of a dandelion blowing in the wind, she enjoys meeting new people and finding unexpected adventures. She has been known to support campers and teams as they persevere through any challenge that comes their way (after all, dandelions don’t give up without a fight.) Daring Dandelion is a lover of listening to and telling stories.

Read more


Known Superhuman Powers: Moose possesses the strength and protective instincts of the mighty moose. Just like the majestic creatures, she guards her group with dedication, ensuring their safety and well-being in the wilderness. Her presence has a calming aura, much like the peaceful demeanor of a moose in its natural habitat. Moose's superpower lies in her ability to create a sense of belonging and security within her group, fostering an environment where everyone feels empowered to embrace the challenges of the outdoors.Read more