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Meet the Alpenguides - Our Trip Leaders

Our camp guides are the best… some say they even have Superpowers!

Alpenguide duties go far beyond typical camp counselor jobs by providing wilderness medical care, evaluating and managing risks, leading adventure activities, driving vans and by planning and preparing delicious meals with campers. Our summer adventure camp leaders "the Alpenguides" are truly inspirational and are the #1 reason to choose Alpengirl; they know how to have fun and have the outdoor skills to boot!

As well as being seasoned outdoors people who have an excellent rapport with teen girls, your Alpenguides are experienced leaders in adventure travel, and are intuitive educators. These skills are combined with professional certifications such as Wilderness First Responder, Lifeguard, and Yoga.

Alpenguides are positive and fun role models with SUPERHUMAN POWERS!


Gabatron, G-Mac, Gizmo, Gabs

Known Superhero Powers: Gabatron is an expert transformer who possesses a variety of forms which she can shift between: from Gabby the earthly sparkly leader of giggly dance parties to Gabatron 7000 who ensures all Alpenguides are equipped to safely lead trips. Gabatron can unlock different abilities based on the nature of any opportunity or obstacle that may lay ahead. Transforming from community leader to wilderness permit manager to adventuress to logistics superhero, Gabatron is the shapeshifter for all of Alpengirl’s needs.Read more

Ker Bear

Known Superhero Powers: Ker Bear uses her super juggling powers to help keep all those Alpengirl balls in the air. She can navigate the fiercest of rivers while plotting trip itineraries, conquer mountain summits in the midst of managing logistics, and inspire our incredible Alpenguides to deliver the best trips of the summer…while letting loose at a roadside dance party. Lead by example, after all!Read more

Mattie Goat

wilderness summer camp staff leader

Known Superhuman Powers: Ever seen a mountain goat navigating a high alpine ridge? If you look closely you might also spot a wild Mattie Goat with her flock - she loves exploring in the mountains and her favorite thing is to share these experiences with others. Nothing conquers mountains quite like girl power, an Mattie might just be the girl power G.O.A.T!Read more


Wilderness summer camp guide and leader

Known Superhuman Powers: Meet MoMo, the embodiment of the power of positivity and the catalyst behind personal transformations. With an unwavering commitment to helping individuals achieve their goals and surpass their own expectations, MoMo is a force to be reckoned with. Constantly exploring the realm of possibilities, she seeks to empower both herself and others to become the very best versions of themselves.Read more


Wilderness summer camp guide and leader

Known Superhuman Powers: Like a tree’s intricate root system connecting it to the whole forest, Skyelander is connected to those around her. Her superhuman empathy helps her to lift others up and sense when a group member needs more support. She loves seeing people come out of their shell and helps to make groups more connected.Read more


Wilderness summer camp staff leader

Known Superhuman Powers: Jewels is gifted with a superhuman power of gleaming! She gathers her own special quality of light and shines it upon the camp experience so campers can identify, collect and cherish the brightest and shiniest camp memories much like the smoothed and colorful pebbles collected on a beach or from a mountain stream.Read more

Space Station

Alpengirl Camp Staff Erin M

Known Superhuman Powers: Space Station uses her superhuman powers to create a delightful space habitat for girls (and all other folks) to be the best version of themselves. She uses her keen listening skills and empathic abilities to meet folks where they are at, and give them a healthy and fun environment to express themselves. She also loves learning about stars and constellations and is beyond excited to share this knowledge with campers this summer!Read more


Wilderness summer camp guide and leader

Known Superpowers: Moving like the wind, Arrow has sixth sense strength and direction! Like an arrow that knows its purpose and aims for it, she loves holding space for campers to gain insight into their own power and personal journey. One of her true passions is seeing others achieve their target and reach their goals!Read more


Alpengirl Camp Staff Kelsey B

Known Superhuman Powers: Like paddling through a whitewater rapid or swimming through a crashing ocean wave, Splash will give you an invigorating burst of positive energy to finish the task at hand.Read more


wilderness teen camp trip leader

Known Superhuman Powers: Just as the sage plant is used medicinally to increase one’s capacity to deal with stress, when the going gets tough, Sage invites campers to push through and stretch their comfort zones. She loves creating fun challenges (like the legendary ketchup S’more!) and encouraging campers to try new things, so campers know that they can persevere and have great times and find success even when faced with challenges.Read more


Alpengirl Camp Staff Erica J

Known Superhuman Powers: By displaying bright yellow sunflower-like blooms this enthusiastic and deep rooted Alpenguide has the superhuman power to gather many individual camper stems and bring them together to make one whole happy, healthy and vibrant camper bouquet; an empowered, connected, confident and meaningful arrangement for our campers this summer!Read more


Wilderness summer camp guide and leader

Known Superhuman Powers: Presta has the amazing power of creating community within any group she meets! By making everyone feel valued and included, she can produce a superhuman team of her own that totally shines. She values the qualities that make everyone glow!Read more

Sunflower Sea Star

Alpengirl Camp Staff Louli Z

Known Superhuman Powers: Sunflower Sea Star has the combined superpowers of dualism and balance -- she is able to employ the use of these naturally opposite yet interconnected forces to the benefit of the groups she is with. She is both excitedly playful and quietly reflective and loves to bring others to run to experience the thrill of surfing an ocean wave and then walk slowly in the woods to appreciate the small things such a pretty flower.Read more


Alpengirl camp staff - wilderness adventure trip leader

Known Superhuman Powers: J-Peg is an avid photographer and videographer, which encompasses her ability to find beauty in life’s simplest things, even if that beauty is hard to find. She seeks those capturable moments instead of waiting for them to appear in front of her, and there’s nothing she loves more than sharing those beautiful moments with the campers in her groups.Read more

Shooting Star

Teen adventure camp trip leader

Known Superhuman Powers: Seeing a shooting star is a visual reminder of our connection to the universe, and this Shooting Star has been gifted with the superhuman ability to spot even the faintest trail of colorful light in the evening sky. Being with Shooting Star at camp is sure to inspire you to direct your eyes upward and to be present with all that is in the sky - the sun, the moon and bright stars above. Shooting Star believes that “anything is possible” for all campers, just make a wish upon a star and see it fly across the night sky!Read more

Shoe Swapper

Alpengirl Camp Staff Kaelyn

Known Superhuman Powers: Shoe Swapper has superhuman levels of empathy power that allow her to swap shoes with all humans in order to better understand what makes them who they are. She can empathize and relate to people to help them feel more comfortable, heard, and supported.Read more


Erica an Alpengirl camp guide and leader

Known Superhuman Powers: Ember possesses superhuman levels of Spark Power! She can ignite a passion for outdoor adventure in any camper gathered ‘round the glowing embers of her campfire.Read more


Alpengirl Camp Staff Bella D

Known Superhuman Powers : Aspen is able to tap into superhuman levels of Aspen Tree Power to grow deeply rooted communicative connections between individuals in her camp groups. Aspens crowning achievement this summer will be to see that each lil’ Alpengirl camper shoot digs deep to find a belief in herself that she is strong and can tackle new challenges, make friends, be part of a supportive group and make wonderful memories for a lifetime that shimmer like aspen leaves in the wind!Read more

PB & Jaid

Alpengirl Camp Staff Jaid B

Known Superhuman Powers: PB & Jaid has the power of amalgamation and uses her powers to blend many into one ~ she’s the #1 sandwich hero that binds a group together!Read more

Obi-Wan Canoebe

Alpengirl Camp Staff Jordyn S

Known Superhuman Powers: Much like her Obi-Wan counterparts, Obi-Wan Canoebe is powerful with an extremely strong connection to the Force; known as the River Force in Canoebe’s waterway lovin’ world. Hers is the Force of rivers, lakes and streams.Read more

Malia Bee

Alpengirl Camp Staff Malia B

Known Superhuman Powers: The collaborative and energetic Malia Bee uses her bee superpowers to bring groups together in a shared sense of community. She’s a busy multi-tasking bee who’s uniquely talented in also being able to stop and smell the flowers.Read more


Annie an Alpengirl camp guide and leader

Known Superhuman Powers: Whirly, twirly, round and round, here and there Squirrels! scampers gathering up the adventure bound! Community Gathering is Squirrels! superpower; she’s a natural at collecting campers energy and storing it up to support and create a thriving community of happy campers.Read more

Sunny-Side Up

Alpengirl Camp Staff Virginia B

Known Superhuman Powers: Sunny-Side Up’s favorite color is sunshine yellow, and she brings this sunny way of seeing to everything she does. When the day is long or a challenge is ahead, you can count on Sunny-Side Up to lead the way with a smile. She’s always ready to find the joy in the day you’re sharing together.Read more

Light Speed

Alpengirl Camp Staff Lauren O

Known Superhuman Powers: She’s traveling at the speed of light - she’s here, she’s there, she’s everywhere and doing all the things! Zipping around to and fro she makes frequent stops to check in on each person in her group in order to understand what makes each individual unique and special.Read more

Ray of Sunshine

Alpengirl Camp Staff Natalie K

Known Superhuman Powers: Ray of Sunshine possesses the power of solarkinesis. Harnessing the power and energy of the sun she can imbue a warm, positive energy vibe into campers in her care by directing a bright and sunny ray of sunshine onto any situation! When people are hit by her sun rays they are not only showered in positivity but they also get a moment to shine themselves. In her eyes, the best part of a day is making a new friend and sharing giggles together. The only after effect of her sun power is the everlasting and bright memories!Read more

E Flow

Alpengirl Camp Staff Eliza G

Known Superhuman Powers: E Flow possess the powers of flow and manual dexterity at supernatural levels. A unique and unusual combination, these powers join together in the most dextraordinary ways at camp!Read more