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Meet the Alpenguides - Our Trip Leaders

Our camp guides are the best… some say they even have Superpowers!

Alpenguide duties go far beyond typical camp counselor jobs by providing wilderness medical care, evaluating and managing risks, leading adventure activities, driving vans and by planning and preparing delicious meals with campers. Our girls summer adventure camp leaders "the Alpenguides" are truly inspirational and are the #1 reason to choose Alpengirl; they know how to have fun and have the outdoor skills to boot!

As well as being seasoned outdoors women who have an excellent rapport with teen girls, your Alpenguides are experienced leaders in adventure travel, and are intuitive educators. These skills are combined with professional certifications such as Wilderness First Responder, Lifeguard, and Yoga.

Alpenguides are positive and fun role models with SUPERHUMAN POWERS!


Alpengirl camp founder and director

Known Superhuman Powers: When A-Girl is adorned with, as many superheroes are, a special instrument of inspiration; a cape, her natural capacity for spontaneous exuberance, creative visioning, organizational leadership and genuine caring go far beyond the range attainable by normal humans to reach superhuman strength levels.Read more

Cindy Lou Who

wilderness summer camp staff leader

Known Superhuman Powers: This lil’ Who from Whoville (also known as Lopez Island, WA) is filled with joy, positivity, and compassion for all creatures, great and small. Like her Dr Seuss namesake, she believes in the power of community, and specializes in building tight-knit groups while on the move and in the backcountry! She knows the importance of a well-timed snack, a spur-of-the-moment swim, or a rousing sing-along.Read more


wilderness summer camp staff leader

Known Superhuman Powers: Spruce has the power to help others find their roots and grow tall! Spruce channels the sun and the rain to grow outwards and upwards. In mighty storms, Spruce can bend without breaking, and she loves to dance with the winds of life.Read more

Busy B

wilderness summer camp staff leader

Known superhuman powers: Like a native pollinator, Busy B is always working to help those around her bloom! She believes there’s nothing that can’t be achieved through hard work and team cooperation but knows that even on the hardest hike it’s important to stop and smell the flowers.Read more

Banana Split

wilderness summer camp staff leader

Known Superhuman Powers: Is there any fruit that’s as universally loved as …a banana? Wrap it in foil, fill it with chocolate chips and brown sugar, and tuck it in the campfire, and you’ve got a really SPECIAL banana…a Banana Split! Bringing the approachability and adaptability of her namesake fruit, and creating the enthusiastic response that this campfire dessert incites in all who try it, Banana Split is impossible not to enjoy.Read more


wilderness summer camp staff leader

Known Superhuman Powers: It has been said that mighty oaks from little acorns grow - and Acorn is here to help all who meet her grow into their full potential! In her presence, fellow acorns big and small learn how to nourish themselves with love and root themselves in self-confidence. Acorn is a super sweet seed who has the power of growth and the power of laughter, and never tires of making (a)corny jokes.Read more

Curious Chameleon

wilderness summer camp staff leader

Known Superhuman Powers: Curious Chameleon can fit in, stand out, camouflage or dazzle. She can blend into a mountain landscape or claim the spotlight in a wacky outfit! She matches herself seamlessly with the people she encounters, and her curiosity and skills of observation (its those swivel-y eyes) allow her to recognize people’s strengths even when they might not be able to see those strengths themselves.Read more

Little Fish

wilderness summer camp staff leader

Known Superhuman Powers: Little Fish beholds a spirit in tune with the river and all its living things. Like the rivers she lives in, she has the ability to connect people together and create harmony with all those she is with. With her endless stream of positive vibes, she holds the ability to stay cool and calm, even in the roughest waters.Read more

Sunny K

wilderness summer camp staff leader

Known Superhuman Powers: Sunny K possesses the super power of eternal sunshine, effortlessly brightening the sky on even the greyest of days. When Sunny K is around, you better have your sunglasses ready!Read more


wilderness summer camp staff leader

Known Superhuman Powers : Viva’s super powers are enthusiasm, flexibilty and humor. This funny girl can flow with anything unexpected, and stretch so far that her feet touch her head! She can make all sorts of wierd and comical poses and turn a frown upside down in just one second! Without a doubt if you are having a hard time she can relate, make you smile, and help you see the joy of being alive!Read more

Bear Cat

wilderness summer camp staff leader

Known Superhuman Powers: Bear Cat specializes in finding and sharing beautiful moments in her natural outdoor habitat. It could be spotting an unusual critter, appreciating a particularly silly joke, or being knocked over by the glory of the mountains, but Bear Cat always has her eye out for the little moments that make camp special, hilarious, beautiful and absolutely glorious.Read more

Bright Eyes

Wilderness summer camp staff leader

Known Superhuman Powers: Bright Eyes sees the exciting side of life, and shares this perspective with others throughout life’s silliest and most awe-inspiring moments. Whether it’s an unusual-looking backcountry meal or a picturesque sunrise, Bright Eyes’ infectious giddiness and enjoyment of life will have everyone around her seeing the moment through her lens, where laughter and smiles fill the picture frame.Read more


Alpengirl camp staff - Grace D

Known Superhuman Powers: Using her superpower of stellar gravitation, Starlight is able to pull together individual stars to form a constellation known as the Alpengirls!Read more

Mama Bear

wilderness summer camp staff leader

Known Superhuman Powers: Mama Bear’s superpower is creating a home away from home that is as fun as it is nurturing! Her recipe for success includes giving great hugs, being a good listener, and cooking up good food.Read more


wilderness summer camp staff leader

Known Superhuman Powers: Indie has the rockin’ ability to help teenage girls recognize their own individuality! She challenges them to be themselves while encouraging independence and instilling confidence.Read more

Red Rover

wilderness summer camp staff leader

Known Superhuman Powers: Red Rover Red Rover, send any camper on over! Red Rover has the superhuman power to turn any doubt into fuel. She constantly reminds herself and those she is with, “Want to feel good about yourself? Overcome a new obstacle!”Read more


Laura an Alpengirl Outdoor Wilderness Camp Guide

Known Superhuman Powers: Icepaw has the ability to warm others and bring her fiery passion to whatever she does. She’s been known to start spontaneous dance parties with her amazing playlists and can stop a 15-passenger van on a dime when an ice cream shop has been spotted.Read more


wilderness summer camp staff leader

Known Superhuman Powers: BaLou’s got the Bear Necessities, Mother Nature's recipes! Her superhuman power is the ability to encourage growth and connectivity with her calm and nurturing spirit. She uses the power of her trusty unicycle to radiate her bright and bubbly bear vibes of positivity and patience. With BaLou, you can’t help but forget about your worries and your strife!Read more


wilderness summer camp staff leader

Known Superhuman Powers: Sunflower is the eternal optimist. Hailing from the rainy state of Oregon, Sunflower knows how to find even the smallest ray of sunshine available and soak in it’s warmth. Just as sunflowers are composed of many tiny blooms, Sunflower brings people together into inspiring, positive and joyful communities!Read more


wilderness summer camp staff leader

Known Superhuman Powers: Jigsaw is super-human problem solver. With her extraordinary foresight and powers of visualization, there is no puzzle that Jigsaw can’t resolve!Read more

Shakin' Bacon

wilderness summer camp staff leader

Known Superhuman Powers : Shakin’ Bacon has the superhuman ability to shake up any boring situation! Feeling a little down or tired? Have no fear, Shakin’ bacon will be there to the rescue with her abundant sizzlin’ energy and spirited games to bring life to any trip!Read more


wilderness summer camp staff leader

Known Superhuman Powers: Jenanigans is a super-human trickster. Don’t be fooled by what appears to be a calm and cool woman, she’s got a story, practical joke or curious natural object in her magic *satchel of shenanigans that she’s just waiting to share with you - surprise it’s Jenanigans!Read more


Known Superhuman Powers: Cosmologica possesses a magical green laser which gives her superhuman powers of Knowledge Questing - an insatiable need to find answers. Her instant dynamic dance parties and her mathleticism border on superhuman power levels as well.Read more

Biscuit rose de Reims

wilderness summer camp staff leader

Known Superhuman Powers: Biscuit rose de Reims has the superhuman power to whip up backcountry camp gourmet meals from the most meager of ingredients and with limited resources in the great outdoors.Read more