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Real Name: Camille H
Occupation: Alpenguide, Ecologist, Environmental Advocate
Aliases: Hazel, Sedge
Birthplace: Waconia, MN
Age: 23

Known Superhuman Powers: Adapting to wherever she adventures and treks through life, this Alpenguide is able to grow in any environment and create community with those around her. Chamomile has the superhuman power to encourage meaningful connections with others through empathetic listening, empowerment, and bounds of deeply-rooted support. She loves to experience love for the earth with others and is excited to help each camper empower one another. In any place she lives or finds herself, Chamomile has the superhuman power to build meaningful community with those around her and hopes to create a space for each camper to shine brightly as their unique, strong, and incredible self!!

Abilities: Chamomile’s abilities include identification of the flora and fauna, always maintaining a supply of dried mangos to snack on, a huge love for insects, and continuous encouragement for any challenges that a camper experiences. She loves to share fun facts of the earth with those around her and has the ability to create a safe and encouraging community that will empower campers to feel confident and supported when trying new activities. She will always provide a supportive and compassionate space for those around her to grow in confidence, making sure that she is always cheering you on! This summer you will find her swimming at any opportunity, dancing in celebration, making the greatest pb&j smores in the world, and repeatedly saying “look at this bug!”

History: Born and raised in Minnesota, Chamomile spent the years of her youth exploring the wonders of nature that Minnesota has to offer: the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Superior Hiking Trail in northern Minnesota, and everything in between. Throughout childhood, she loved to spend time barefoot outside, hike on family road trips, and spend each season running. After high school, she pursued her love for botany and forest ecology and attended the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, studying biology, ecology, and sustainability. 

Throughout college, Chamomile explored the beauty of the Chippewa and Eau Claire Rivers, spent holiday breaks road tripping to adventure in neighboring and western states with friends, trail running, and kayaking in her free time. Falling in love with the Cascades, her favorite places to hike became Mount Rainier National Park. She participated in an ecology research program through the university, studying plant trait diversity and the ecological health of prairie vegetation. Chamomile has loved exploring and adventuring through many states and national parks in both the midwestern region and throughout the Western Mountains ecoregion with friends and family. She is most excited to share her love of the earth and adventure with campers and fellow Alpenguides in the upcoming summer, as well as empowering others to build community and meaningful friendships through Alpengirl. 

Current Base & Operations: Chamomile is currently based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and graduated this past December with a degree in Biology. She is currently concocting a plan to attend a graduate university for a degree in Biological Sciences and Ecology in the future. Working at a craft brewery and a second job position, Chamomile spends her free time exploring the Chippewa and Eau Claire Rivers, spending weekends hiking the Superior Hiking Trail and areas of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, building friendships in the local running community, volunteering at Girls Who Run, and flourishing in the natural environment. Regardless of the location she finds herself, she is excited and happy to appreciate the natural world around her.