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Alpengirl Camp Director Emerita

Director Emerita: A-Grl

Real Name: Alissa Farley
Occupation: Former Alpengirl Camp Director; Advisor
Aliases: Logistica, Phenom of Fun, Keeper of the C.A.P.E., Super Red, Zeal
Birthplace: Iowa City, Iowa
Age: 53

Known Superhuman Powers: When A-Grl is adorned with, as many superheroes are, a special instrument of inspiration; a cape, her natural capacity for spontaneous exuberance, creative visioning, organizational leadership and genuine caring go far beyond the range attainable by normal humans to reach superhuman strength levels. A-Grl utilizes the acronymical powers of the C.A.P.E. to impart a variety of abilities based on need. For instance, she may declare the cape for Courageous Animated Pursuit of Excitement or Conscientious Action to Prevent Emergencies or Concentrated Aura of Powerful Encouragement.

Abilities: A-Grl brings the fun and adventure of Alpengirl to life, her vigor and aptitude are evident in her management style and leadership development. She holds firm to qualifications and credentials that make Alpengirl Camp outstanding and sets the bar high for every trip leader. Her creativity strategy and skillful organization are evident in the essential details of camp logistics and meeting business critical needs and responsibilities that ultimately result in life-changing experiences that balance necessity of safety and desire for fun. With a thorough and profound application of coercive grins, spontaneous and exhilarating silliness - and a solid base of wisdom she is able to unveil hidden potential in Alpengirls and Alpenguides alike. Her sphere of inspiration, like the billow of her cape, is wide reaching - an exponential wave that CAN change the world - one girl at a time.

History: A-Grl was born and raised in the Midwest. She grew up playing organized sports and enjoyed instigating impromptu fun and seeking outdoor adventure with her sister and neighborhood friends in the surrounding landscape of woods, fields, quarries, lakes and hills. She was predisposed to the Rocky Mountain Region at an early age. During family ski trips, she listened to John Denver sing accolades to the Rockies …of climbing cathedral peaks and seeing silver clouds below. Drawn to the mountains, A-Grl attended Western State College in Gunnison, Colorado, where she skied, biked, hiked and played on the volleyball team and graduated with a biology degree.

After graduation, A-Grl worked in professional positions with Girl Scout Camps, Teen Adventure Camps, College Outdoor Pursuit Programs, Departments of Fish, Wildlife & Parks, Middle School Athletics Programs, Adventure Travel Companies.

In pursuit of a platform for her education, work experience, and passion for introducing kids (especially girls) to the great outdoors, A-Grl founded Alpengirl, Inc. in 1997 at age 27. Through the Alpengirl camp experience, A-Grl made it her goal to build girls self esteem and confidence while connecting them with the natural world and learning new skills. For several years A-Grl led all of the trips until the camp grew to offer multiple trips in a variety of locations all at the same time, then she focused fully on her role as Camp Director. To this day, A-Grl continues to stay involved in Alpengirl as a trusted confidant and advisor, and helps to make sure every camper has the summer they deserve! Her favorite time at camp is 9:15 pm, a special time in summer when the landscape and sky has turned all shades of blue, girls and mentors are gathered around a campfire and laughter and camaraderie is seen, heard and felt and it’s understood, that this is the best place to be.

Alpengirl has been an accredited America Camp Association (ACA) camp since it’s beginning. In addition to donning a superhero cape, A-Grl also wears many hats! She has been creating adventure trips, designing camp programs, developing safety and risk management protocols, serving as camp registrar, hiring, training and supervising camp staff, writing website and marketing materials, budgeting and managing camp finances, maintaining insurance contracts and forest service permits and leading girls in outdoor pursuits at Alpengirl for the past 27 years.

Current Base & Operations: Manhattan, Montana. A-Grl can be found hiking, skiing, biking, practicing yoga, soaking in hot springs and traveling in wild places; basically expanding on her adventuring prowess!