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Wilderness summer camp guide and leader


Real Name: Mo F
Occupation: Alpenguide, Experience Curator, Hospitality
Aliases: TrailMo, Doodlebop, Moana, MoMo
Birthplace: Morristown, NJ
Age: 28

Known Superhuman Powers: Meet MoMo, the embodiment of the power of positivity and the catalyst behind personal transformations. With an unwavering commitment to helping individuals achieve their goals and surpass their own expectations, MoMo is a force to be reckoned with. Constantly exploring the realm of possibilities, she seeks to empower both herself and others to become the very best versions of themselves.

Abilities: Like the warm and radiant Colorado sunshine, MoMo effortlessly spreads joy and happiness wherever she goes. A natural connector, she finds common ground with people from all walks of life, building bridges of understanding and unity. Much like a playful hummingbird, she serves as a spiritual messenger of love and light, inspiring others to embrace life's precious moments and celebrate each day. And let's not forget her culinary prowess - as an Italian, MoMo's passion for food translates into creating delectable dishes in the kitchen (or campsite!). Beyond her sunny disposition and culinary skills, MoMo also possesses the remarkable ability to run marathons with grace, conquering the 26.2-mile distance with determination and poise. 

History: Born and raised in Northern New Jersey, MoMo's adventurous spirit has led her to call four different states and two countries outside the U.S. her home. While her heart remains tethered to the Northeast as a family-oriented individual, her thirst for exploration has taken her far beyond those familiar woods. With a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, MoMo has honed her craft, going above and beyond to create unparalleled experiences for people. It was during her time in Colorado that her connection to the vast wilderness deepened, as she conquered mountains she once deemed impossible. A dream that fuels her spirit is to summit the tallest peak in every country, one breathtaking climb at a time. She is WFA, Lifeguard and CPR certified.

Current Base & Operations: Despite being a youthful 28-year-old, MoMo embodies the spirit of a seasoned snowbird, gracefully dividing her time between Denver, Colorado, and West Palm Beach, Florida. As the visionary CEO and Creative Director of her company, Connecting Roads, she collaborates with her partner in business and life to curate extraordinary, bucket-list-worthy experiences for guests worldwide. From intimate music festivals on pristine beaches to destination masterclasses that leave lasting impressions, MoMo goes above and beyond to ensure each guest's journey is nothing short of remarkable. Her ultimate aspiration is to establish a haven where she can personally host and guide guests, fostering a deeper connection with the great outdoors and themselves.