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Laura an Alpengirl Outdoor Wilderness Camp Guide


Real Name: Laura M
Occupation: Alpenguide, Naturalist, Teen Trip Leader
Aliases: Mo Mo, Sissy, Cubby, Mustang, Tanti Lola, Teacha Lola
Birthplace: Longview, WA
Age: 27

Known Superhuman Powers: Icepaw has the ability to warm others and bring her fiery passion to whatever she does. She’s been known to start spontaneous dance parties with her amazing playlists and can stop a 15-passenger van on a dime when an ice cream shop has been spotted. 

Abilities: Icepaw has the endurance of a sled dog and the energy of all of Santa’s elves. She wants to entertain but also let you take the reigns and be your own ringmaster. Her organizational skills are quite a sight and she’s always got her paws on her tiny notebook of ideas, itineraries and scribbles. Icepaw also has incredible patience and therefore loves teaching and watching others grows from their experiences and reflections--this is Icepaw’s biggest motivation for working in the outdoors. You’ll find that Icepaw is always trying to build the group up to its fullest potential, either through discussion, music, challenges or just getting dishes done before dark. 

History: Icepaw grew up in a tiny town west of Mt. St. Helens. The Cascades were always in view and she longed for the day when she could summit at least one. In college, she got to climb Mt. Adams and Mt. Baker with her mountain man dad, who has summited all the major peaks in the Cascade range. As a young girl, she grew up mucking stalls at her mom’s stable and going on rides on the beach along the Columbia River. Icepaw also enjoyed music and started playing piano at a young age. In high school, she became the drum major of the marching band and went to state on the girls’ tennis team. When she moved to Bellingham, WA for college, she was grateful to have the outdoors right out her back door and regularly biked to school and work. She earned her name ‘Icepaw’ during a particularly cold camping trip to the Grand Canyon where she decided to crab-walked down an icy section of trail and felt her hands go numb from cold and exposure--one of her friends, nicknamed ‘Firebelly’ came to her rescue and helped her regain feeling to her hands. After earning a teaching certificate and degree in French from Western Washington University, Icepaw went overseas to teach English in Guinea in the Peace Corps and really got the travel bug. She’s enjoyed travels to France, England, Monaco, Italy, Rwanda, Thailand, Canada and Morocco. Icepaw is Wilderness First Responder & CPR certified.

Current Base & Operations: Redmond, OR. Icepaw works seasonally in California for an outdoor education company where she gets to teach kids in the state and national parks. She also leads international and domestic trips with high schools students with a focus on global citizenship. In the off-season, you can find her snowshoeing near Mt. Bachelor or fat biking the trails near her house.