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wilderness summer camp staff leader


Real Name: Tess C
Occupation: Alpenguide, Whitewater Raft Guide
Aliases: Sweet T, T Time, The Tesselator
Birthplace: Houston, TX
Age: 27

Known Superhuman Powers: It has been said that mighty oaks from little acorns grow - and Acorn is here to help all who meet her grow into their full potential! In her presence, fellow acorns big and small learn how to nourish themselves with love and root themselves in self-confidence. Acorn is a super sweet seed who has the power of growth and the power of laughter, and never tires of making (a)corny jokes. And when the season ends and it's time to shed your leaves, Acorn is there with the power of smooth transitions: she’ll teach you to relish in the experiences of summer, while getting ready for the next beautiful season.

Abilities: Acorn embraces adventures and challenges wholeheartedly: skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, yoga, kayaking, and white water rafting are among her many abilities. Any raft that she is rowing, and any group she is part of, is guaranteed to be filled with laughter. She can read water and navigate rivers in a raft, kayak or inflatable kayak with ease. Multitasking is another of Acorn’s abilities: this lady can be minding three things in the oven, riding her skateboard around the house to check on her houseplants, all while talking a friend through how to tie a highly technical knot over the phone! Her green thumb extends beyond the home: she has the ability to teach love for our planet to all through Leave No Trace practices, survival skills, and eco-friendly practices in the backcountry. She is always learning and adapting, like a tree moving toward the sunshine, and loves meeting new people, making connections, being goofy, and spending peaceful time drawing, painting, writing and reading.

History: Acorn’s first forays into the great outdoors were family camping trips to places like Big Bend National park and Stephen F Austin Park in Texas. There she formed a love of playing outside, fishing, campfires and exploring. Her first glimpse of the mountains was in Angelfire, NM during winter visits with her grandparents, and she was immediately drawn to the mountains, pine trees and snow, as well as the joy of skiing! At home, she enjoyed taking walks at night in nature, climbing trees with her brother and sister, and riding bikes to the neighborhood swimming pool every day in the summertime. Swimming, getting dirty, and playing games and sports was the name of the game, and she competed in basketball, swimming and volleyball. But her interests didn’t stop there! Excited about all types of art, she has dabbled in painting, drawing and film/movies, and learned to bake from her mother. She continues to enjoy trying new recipes to satisfy her sweet tooth, exploring organic ingredients and allergy friendly foods to feed anyone and everyone!

Acorn moved far from her sheltering tree in 2014, striking out solo for Durango, CO to work on a trail crew in the area. Through this experience, her enthusiasm grew to include backpacking, swimming in alpine lakes, and hard work. In Durango she grew her river guide skillset, her yoga practice, and her ability to survive and even thrive during Rocky Mountain winters. She moved from Durango to Big Sky, MT in 2018, where she has found more kindred people who work in and love the outdoors. She works at a ski resort and continues to challenge herself with skiing, cross country skiing, and snowboarding, learning to drive a snowmobile, and continuing her education in backcountry safety and emergency medicine. Acorn is a Wilderness EMT and is certified in CPR. 

Current Base and Operations: Bozeman, MT and Big Sky, MT. You can find her skiing or snowboarding, practicing yoga, exploring Bozeman's incredible surrounding natural areas through hiking, skiing and boating, and learning more about herself as she goes!