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Serena an Alpengirl camp guide and leader


Real Name: Serena P
Occupation: Alpenguide, Geologist, Lifeguard, Equestrian Instructor
Aliases: Serene-bean, Snugs, Wormy, Peanut
Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA
Age: 21

Known Superhuman Powers: Small but mighty, Bam-Bam is always filled with energy no matter the time of day. Happiest coordinating events and keeping people connected, she is always on the go, always in a good mood and always ready tfor an adventure to come her way! Sometimes Bam-Bam has to be in so many places at once, that she has developed the ability to fly from one thing to the next in order to keep on schedule! She is capable in the face of chaos and enjoys throwing herself into any situation and doing what she can to help.

Abilities: Bam-Bam has a secret: she has a connection with horses that allows her to to whisper to them, and listen to what they have to say back! Her stone-age roots also give her the ability to identify many sorts of rocks out on trails, and help everyone around her become as fascinated as she is with wild nature. With an equal interest in music, Bam-Bam connects with nature in many ways, one of which is listening and hearing the music in the winds. She loves to journal and draw pictures while relaxing in grass, listening to wind songs. Bam-Bam also thrives off the energy of others, and enjoys running around in fields and celebrating with friends! And of courrse, she needs something to replenish her energy with, and has learned to make some mean desserts as well as whip up a delicious loaf of homemade bread in just 2 hours!

History: Bam-Bam was born and raised in the heart of a city, Philadelphia, PA, but her heart was in nature from the start! She was fortunate to be able to experience the outdoors in many unique ways through camping trips to National Parks, running around her neighborhood, Girl Scouts, and trail rides on horseback in the summer. Her love of the outdoors has continued into college where she leads trips for college-aged students with hiking, biking, backpacking, and many more skill building opportunities. She is a member of the Women’s Lacrosse team and Cross Country team as well; she loves the thrill of athletic competition, and connecting to nature through running. This past winter she worked at a ski resort and got to spend all her days in the wintery outdoors. She loves the cold and bundling up in a warm blanket with hot cocoa to stay warm at night.

She is also a member of the student-run equestrian Co-Op at school, and is a co-instructor of the Equine Studies course program, which welcomes new members to the barn! She has spent 3 summers working as a summer camp equestrian instructor, and since she grew up learning how empowering all-girls experiences are, she is excited to work with Alpegirls this year! Her past counselors are still, to this day, the most inspiring humans she has met, and she hopes to be half the mentor they were to her for many campers to come. Bam-Bam is excited for this new adventure in Montana (her favorite National Park is Glacier), and she can’t wait to see what this wonderful adventure holds for her! Bam-Bam is a certified Lifeguard, Wilderness EMT, and Rock Wall Belayer.

Current Base and Operations: Richmond, Indiana. She attends Earlham College and can be found running or flying around campus doing all sorts of activities! Go Bam-Bam Go!