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Wilderness summer camp guide and leader


Real Name: Luisa B
Occupation: Alpenguide
Aliases: Freckles
Birthplace: Pasadena, CA
Age: 21

Known Superhuman Powers: Whether skimming or surfing the waves of California, skating around Maine, or hitting the slopes in Colorado, Boardshorts becomes superhuman when on her boards - be it skate, surf or snow! She loves the fast paced exhilaration she gets from riding her planks, but she’s also able to slow down and connect with her group and is looking forward to riding horses this summer!

Abilities: Boardshorts can make any trail into an adventure, any body of water into a refreshing place to dip and splash, any group comfortable laughing and showing their full selves. She brings her love of exploring everywhere she goes, always expanding her passion and curiosity. Boardshorts aims to instill a sense of wonder into each camper she meets this summer.

History: Boardshorts grew up around Los Angeles, venturing to the beach to watch the sunset and swim in salt water often. She spent her summers in Wyoming and loved hiking and running across mesas with horses. She had a lively, bubbly childhood growing and learning alongside her four siblings. She found herself splitting time between the ocean and the mountains, loving the people and places that make her whole. She’s been a youth farm camp counselor, an elementary school paraprofessional and worked at a ski area over the past few years and now she is attending Bowdoin College where she leads outdoor trips with the outing club and studies Earth and Oceanographic Science and Education with a minor in dance. She is Wilderness First Responder and CPR certified. 

Current Base & Operations: Brunswick, Maine. In her free time she can be found hiking, swimming in the Atlantic, snowshoeing, stargazing, climbing trees, journaling outside, and walking around campus without shoes to feel grounded with the earth!