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wilderness summer camp staff leader

Busy B

Real Name: Bethany L
Occupation: Alpenguide, Student
Aliases: Bethy, Lil’ B
Birthplace: Corvallis, OR
Age: 23

Known superhuman powers: Like a native pollinator, Busy B is always working to help those around her bloom! She believes there’s nothing that can’t be achieved through hard work and team cooperation but knows that even on the hardest hike it’s important to stop and smell the flowers. 

Abilities: Busy B got part of her buzz from Mary Poppins: from a snack or a headlamp when the hike runs longer than expected to a deck of cards to get through a long wait for brunch, she’s always prepared to help herself and her friends through anything! She prides herself in floating like a butterfly of organization and calm through the unpredictability of life and is always ready to dive in with the precision of a bee homing in on a promising flower when the time is right. B loves delicious camp meals more than a bee loves honey, and has a magical ability to cook up a delicious cake to share under absolutely any circumstances. 

History: B’s first backpacking trip was in the Oregon Cascades when she was five years old. After swimming in an alpine lake and bouldering up to a waterfall she was hooked! From then on, her most treasured childhood experiences were all outside… catching frogs, going on nature walks, soaking in hot springs, or exploring with a few adventurous Polly Pockets. 

As soon as she could drive, B started buzzing around, planning outdoor adventures with her friends. From winter cabin snowshoe trips to a six-week adventure around Alaska, these experiences helped her learn to solve problems and work both independently and in a team with the rest of her hive. In high school, she spent her summers working as a baker in the beautiful San Juan Islands and spending as much time as possible outside amongst the flowers. 

In college at the University of Puget Sound, B decided to follow her love for nature and pursue degrees in Biology and Environmental Policy. She also studied abroad in remote Chilean Patagonia, learning about wildlife and conservation in an international context, and spent a summer hiking 500 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. As captain of her University’s Ultimate Frisbee team, she works to build a body-positive, fun-loving female athletic community (she wishes the uniforms were black-and-yellow striped, but they’re not). She also trained as a trip leader with her school outdoor program and was an outdoor trip leader for new student orientation. She believes that a good active community is key to mental and physical health and happiness, and is never too busy to lend a listening ear.

B is currently starting her senior year of college. She’s excited to spend her summer outside with Alpengirl providing girls with the same opportunities for empowerment that she has had in the outdoors! She loves the Pacific Northwest and is stoked to share some of her favorite spots in the Olympics, Cascades, and San Juan Islands. Busy B is Wilderness First Responder, CPR and Lifeguard certified.

Current Base and Operations: Tacoma, Washington. During the school year B can be found looking for birds in the shadow of Mount Rainier, running along Puget Sound, and playing frisbee on the University of Puget Sound campus.