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wilderness summer camp staff leader

Chef Meg

Real Name: Megan O
Occupation: Alpenguide, Gear Shop Floor Specialist, Wildlife Technician
Aliases: Mo, Mowens, Dr. Chef Mowens
Birthplace: Cary, NC
Age: 26

Known Superhuman Powers: Grab your sporks, its Chef Meg! Her legendary backcountry cooking skills are quick to unite friends new and old, feeding bellies and souls after a long day of adventure. Pair that delicious meal with her memorable laugh and you’ve got a recipe for success!

Abilities: Like the boisterous leader of a big kitchen, Chef Meg’s enthusiastic personality means she is often heard before she is seen. And this chef has has proven her chops: she’s won three dutch oven cook-offs, and her creativity and prowess have earned her the title “Backcountry Gordon Ramsey.” Powered by her delectable creations, she can climb and scramble up almost anything, and keeps the laughter and fun on the front burner during any activity! Beneath her chef’s hat (or sunhat, depending on the day) is the brain of a true bird nerd: Chef Meg has the ability to ID a bird by hearing its song, and when the time is right, she can create calm in those around her in order to appreciate the small wonders of the natural world.

History: Chef Meg grew up in the southeast in Cary, North Carolina enjoying activities such as running, biking, hiking, and swimming. Just before she started college at NC State Universtiy, she went on a week-long backpacking and climbing trip where she became hooked on both activities. This inspired her to enroll in the Outoor Leadership minor to complement her studies of Fisheries and Wildlife. Working as a trip leader for her college’s outdoor adventures program lead to her making a name for herself  as the “Gordon Ramsey” of outdoor adventures. She took her love for leading (and feeding) groups in the outdoors into guiding jobs in various locations including the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont and the high country of Yosemite. In addition to working as a guide, she has spent several seasons as a wildlife technician, including a recent summer spent on the Alaskan tundra working for the US Geological Survey.

Current Base & Operations: Burlington Vermont. She currently works at an outdoor gear store while enjoying activities aplenty in the Northeast: ice climbing, skiing, birding, biking, and snowy snowy hikes. She is excited to spend the summer with Alpengirl, exploring the and enjoying the journey with girls from all different walks of life.