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Real Name: Alecia J
Occupation: Alpenguide, High School Science Teache
Aliases: Ms. J, Trailblazer, Lazer Blazer, Cosmo
Birthplace: Wurzburg, Germany
Age: 34

Known Superhuman Powers: Cosmologica possesses a magical green laser which gives her superhuman powers of Knowledge Questing - an insatiable need to find answers. Her instant dynamic dance parties and her mathleticism border on superhuman power levels as well. 

Abilities:  As a result of her knowledge questing powers, Cosmologica has developed all night stargazing and teaching abilities and uses her green laser to help make any difficult topic easy to understand. Whether its questions on the cosmos, the atoms in your hand, or the mountains surrounding you, Cosmo has the ability to help you figure it out while having fun, she loves exploring and investigating everything. She’s an inquisitive and a positively charged life force. As she’s talking and figuring out the answers to all things great and small she blazin’ trails and leaving streaks of light everywhere she goes!

History: Cosmologica grew up on a lake in Minnesota where she learned to fish and swim at an early age. She would spend all day exploring the forest surrounding her house. But when it was time for college, the Rocky Mountains called her. This is where she learned of her love for the stars. After college, she wanted to go see and do all of the things she had never seen nor done before. So, she pack up and moved to the South Pacific – specifically New Zealand and Australia. There, she fell in love with a whole new set of stars! After her adventures overseas, she made her way back to Minnesota where she became a math and science teacher. But this didn’t stop her need for adventure – or the Rocky Mountains. Now, Cosmologica has made it back to Montana to enjoy the view of the Absaroka Mountains out of her kitchen window. Cosmo has a Masters in Science Education and another in Curriculum and Instruction. Cosmological holds current WFA & CPR certifications. 

Current Base & Operations: Livingston, MT. During the school year, Cosmologica is enjoying her dream job as high school science teacher. If you can’t find her at the local high school or at home with her new puppy, you better start looking up in those Rocky Mountains where she likes to backpack, horsepack, canoe, ski and play!