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Real Name: Danielle F (she/her/hers)
Occupation: Alpenguide, Outdoor Enthusiast, College Student, Adventure Trip Leader
Aliases: Dancing Queen
Birthplace: Durango, CO
Age: 21

Known Superhuman Powers: Always ready for a quacktastic time, look up at the sky, Daniduck has taken flight! Always waddling from one adventure to the next, she’s constantly looking for new friends to take under her wing. Using duckinesis, she can connect with others and support them with their needs and personal growth. Watch out, if you get caught in her hypnotic fluff, you will be showered with the warmest of hugs or compassionate conversations. No duck goes unheard, because her supersonic quack empowers young women to be their authentic selves. No matter if you prefer a puddle splashing competition or a quick dip in the pond, Daniduck will be by your side to cheer you on. Her biggest superduck power is helping young ducklings grow-up into the ducks they want to be in this world. Find your wings with Daniduck!

Abilities: This is no ordinary duck. Always the first one to dance in the rain with a positive quackitude, ruffle her feathers when things don’t go according to plan, and wake up at the quack of dawn to appreciate the sunrise. Her quackpack is on, and no place is too far to waddle! 

History: Daniduck is originally from the Denver area. She grew-up appreciating the outdoors for its beauty and natural therapy. She started her rubber duck collection when she was six and now has over 400 rubber ducks. Backpacking has always been her favorite pastime because it involves frolicking in wildflowers and sleeping under the stars, but she also enjoys rock climbing, paddleboarding, hiking, and snowboarding. Mentors on backpacking trips with Women’s Wilderness and Colorado Outward Bound in high school inspired her to pursue the outdoor field. 

Following her love of helping people with their mental health outside, she now goes to school at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado double majoring in Adventure Education & Psychology. During the school year, she is a trip leader for her college’s outdoor program and goes on many adventures in the Southwest. 

Past summers have been spent teaching rock climbing to young kids, studying abroad in Europe, and spending every possible second outside. Daniduck holds Wilderness & Adventure Therapy, Wilderness First Responder and CPR certifications.

Current Base & Operations: While she currently resides in Durango, Colorado attending Fort Lewis College, Daniduck flies all around the Southwest adventuring in Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado. More weekends are spent in the backcountry on a foam pad than in a bed. She never swims too far from her 400+ rubber ducks unless they join her on adventures.