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Risk & Safety Lead: Dave Dennis

Real Name: Dave Dennis
Occupation: Cornerstone Safety Group, Executive Director

Dave is co-founder and Executive Director of Cornerstone Safety Group. He is also the founder and President of Resilient Solutions, a risk management and emergency response consulting firm serving travel and experiential education organizations since 2011.

Dave has a master’s degree in risk management from Norwich University, has spent the past 28 years in domestic and international travel operations, responded to thousands of incidents, and has advised over 70 organizations in risk management practices and training. Dave is also the Co-Chair of the Gap Year Association’s Standards and Accreditation Committee and has spent time as an ambassador with the Responder Alliance focusing on emotional well-being for field and office staff.

Before starting Cornerstone, Dave was the Vice President of Health, Safety and Risk Management at some of the largest organizations in the travel and experiential education industries and has pioneered many risk and safety systems used throughout the travel industry today.