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Alpengirl Camp Staff Eliza G

E Flow

Real Name: Eliza G
Occupation: Alpenguide, College Student, Etsy Store Owner
Aliases: Dextraordinairia, Ursa
Birthplace: Freeport, ME
Age: 21

Known Superhuman Powers: E Flow possess the powers of flow and manual dexterity at supernatural levels. A unique and unusual combination, these powers join together in the most dextraordinary ways at camp!

Abilities: E Flow is totally captivated by people and her surroundings and uses her two known superpowers to gently guide others as they immerse themselves in the activities of camp life and assists them with any handiwork they take on such as finding a creative way to hang a hammock, fixing a tricky zipper, painting a sunset, cooking a meal or building a fairy house. With E Flow by your side, ordinary camp life becomes dextraordinary!

History: Born and raised in Maine, E Flow discovered her love of the outdoors by spending much of her youthful free time hiking (Beehive Trail and Tumbledown Mtn are her favs), skiing (she’s stoked for Sugarloaf), and paddling (the Penobscot River has just the right flow) - she’s experienced so many of the amazing sights and sounds that the coastal eastern wilds had to offer. In high school, E Flow was a leader on her varsity soccer team and was also on crew, basketball and nordic ski teams and was editor for her yearbook, and she has always been interested in using her hands and creating art. Her artistic inspirations come from her connection to people and from being outdoors; her dream lifestyle would be to hike all summer with people and create art all winter! Through her work at an all-girls tripping camp in Maine she gained skills in canoe guiding and continued to hone in on her artistic teaching skills while mentoring and providing leadership to young girls. E Flow has completed backpacking, canyoneering, horse pack tripping and rafting expeditions with NOLS on a gap semester in Utah and Wyoming and is eager to put her backcountry cooking skills to good use the summer with Alpengirl campers; her favorite is making a backcountry calzone! E Flow is Wilderness First Aid, Lifeguard and CPR certified and has completed training in Leave No Trace education, swiftwater rescue and whitewater canoeing.

Current Base & Operations: Providence, RI. E Flow is pursuing a degree in Fine Art and Design at Rhode Island School Of Design and is newly intrigued by 3D Art, industrial and furniture design. In her free time you can find E Flow drawing, painting, hiking, paddling, listening to any genre of music, and generally going with the flow while enjoying everyday adventures and good conversations.