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Grooving Pine

Real Name: Anna M
Occupation: Alpenguide, Outdoor Educator
Aliases: Miss Banana, Anna Banana
Birthplace: Palo Alto, CA
Age: 25

Known Superhuman Powers: Grooving Pine has gained the superhuman power to adapt to almost any environment she finds herself in. As pine trees are typically sturdy with deep roots, Grooving Pine is stable and dependable - she knows how to rely on her deep rooted connections and experiences in order to weather a storm. However, she also is able to groove and adapt to different and new environments and has learned to go where the wind takes her. She also has the superhuman power to pack an excessive amount of things into a tight space.

Abilities: As someone who grew up hiking and rafting (but not always loving it) Grooving Pine is able to understand campers who are coming in with mixed emotions and mixed experience levels in the outdoors. She knows how to help others grow a sense of comfort and belonging in the outdoors, which in turn inspires a love and appreciation for the outdoors. She loves to encourage curiosity and wonderment for the world around her. 

History: Grooving Pine was born and raised in the Bay Area of California, and grew up frequently visiting the Sierra Nevada mountains. While hiking, backpacking, and everything outdoors used to spark complete dread in her when she was a child, she has slowly grown to love the outdoors, to find the beauty in natural landscapes, and now hikes as much as she possibly can. Grooving Pine went to Lehigh University in Pennsylvania where she studied Statistics and minored in Computer Science and Data Science. Since graduating college, Grooving Pine has lived in Montana, Wyoming, Northern California, New Zealand, and most recently Australia. She has been able to explore a wide variety of natural places while working as a data analyst, outdoor educator, and waitress. Her frequent moves and travels have led her to gain a deep appreciation for exploring the unfamiliar, meeting and befriending new people, and has led her to find new passions such as rock climbing, surfing, and pottery.

Current Base & Operations: Sunshine Beach, Australia. Grooving Pine is spending time on the east coast of Australia on a working-holiday visa, working at a local restaurant and meeting other travelers. You can frequently find Grooving Pine walking through the nearby national park, with her eyes in the trees looking for Koalas, tumbling in the waves as she continues her conquest to learn how to surf, or sitting in the shade painting her surroundings.