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wilderness summer camp staff leader


Real Name: Audrey H
Occupation: Alpenguide, Environmental Educator
Aliases: Drey, Dr. Dre, Slamilton
Birthplace: Cincinnati, OH
Age: 27

Known Superhuman Powers: Indie has the rockin’ ability to help teenage girls recognize their own individuality! She challenges them to be themselves while encouraging independence and instilling confidence. Indie knows that every girl has their own unique special powers that make them the true superheroes!

Abilities: Indie specializes in breaking girls out of the main stream and helping them fulfill their individual potential to the max! She encourages girls to try things they never believed they could do before. She also has a laid back and supportive demeanor that helps girls feel comfortable taking on new leadership roles!

History: Indie grew up in a big city near a nature preserve, making her a city kid with a nature-loving heart. Indie lived and worked in two different places in high school, constantly moving back and forth between the two. This lifestyle amplified her curiosity and boosted her interest for independent meandering and thus, Indie was born! Ever since, she has been exploring, seeing as much of the world and meeting as many of its people as possible. She has a love for people and what makes them unique, and this paired with her passion for the outdoors led her to go on and earn degrees in Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education and Elementary Education at Brevard College. Here, Indie fell in love with boating, climbing, and backpacking!    

After College, Indie moved to the Outer Banks,the islands off the coast of North Carolina, where she worked for a sea kayaking company, first as a guide, then as the manager. Next she moved to the Catskill Mountains in New York and took a job leading team building and environmental education with groups of teenagers. During the summers she spent her time leading teen wilderness trips in the United States, Mexico, and Australia. She then spent a year working and traveling in New Zealand, Lao PDR, Indonesia, and Mongolia!

Indie works as an Environmental Educator and Site Manager for an outdoor education program in the Santa Monica Mountains in CA and is CPR and Wilderness First Responder certified.

Current Base & Operations: Indie is hard to track down, and throughout the next year can be found in California, Montana, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, and Maine (in that order)! You may spot her plotting her next moves, scouring new outdoor adventures, and preparing tapas meals.