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Alpengirl camp staff - wilderness adventure trip leader


Real Name: Emma E
Occupation: Alpenguide, college student, world traveler
Aliases: Emzo, M&M
Birthplace: West Haven, VT
Age: 20

Known Superhuman Powers: J-Peg is an avid photographer and videographer, which encompasses her ability to find beauty in life’s simplest things, even if that beauty is hard to find. She seeks those capturable moments instead of waiting for them to appear in front of her, and there’s nothing she loves more than sharing those beautiful moments with the campers in her groups. 

Abilities: J-Peg has the ability to create a safe and supportive space for campers to be their unique, authentic selves. She’s also a firm believer in the magic of human connection, and will challenge campers to seek out new perspectives in each other by exchanging life stories, learning, and having immense amounts of fun! This summer, you can find J-Peg bustin’ a groove to “Dancing Queen'' by ABBA and supporting an impeccable Chaco tan :) 

History: J-Peg is a proud Vermont native. She spent her childhood hiking in the Green Mountains and kayaking some of Vermont's beautiful lakes. Upon graduating high school, she decided to take a gap year which led her to travel all around Europe and also participate in a NOLS backpacking and sea kayaking expedition in Patagonia, Chile. Her experience with NOLS was unlike any other, which has inspired her to take her passion for the outdoors and turn it into a career. Last summer, J-Peg worked as a camp counselor and Natural Resource Instructor for the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department where she taught teenagers all about wildlife, forestry, and conservation. However, her true love lies in the presence of adventure, and she’s excited to bring what she’s learned from past experiences to Alpengirl! J-Peg is Wilderness First Responder, CPR, and Lifeguard certified. 

Current Base & Operations: Castleton, Vermont. J-Peg is currently a college student at Castleton University, majoring in Film Production with a minor in Adventure Recreation. She’s also a goalkeeper for the Castleton University Women’s Soccer Team. When she’s not studying or playing soccer, you can find J-Peg taking a walk with her two golden retrievers, playing guitar, or substitute teaching at a local elementary school.