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Wilderness summer camp staff leader

Food Program Lead: Jewels

Real Name: Julia N
Occupation: Alpengirl food system wizard, college student, outdoor gear sales associate
Aliases: Jules, Boolia!
Birthplace: Plymouth, MA
Age: 20

Known Superhuman Powers: Jewels is gifted with a superhuman power of gleaming! She gathers her own special quality of light and shines it upon the camp experience so campers can identify, collect and cherish the brightest and shiniest camp memories much like the smoothed and colorful pebbles collected on a beach or from a mountain stream. 

Abilities: Jewels is known for her ability to motivate a group, to identify potential and to recognize ability in others. She knows how to share the love of her favorite activities (she is a notably skilled hiker, climber and paddler) and is able to help others learn to believe in themselves when doing something that might be new to them! She keeps her head up and inspires others to do the same, bringing joy to hard work by keeping the end-goal in sight. Jewels knows that a positive mindset makes all the difference, and sharing hers with others is one of her greatest strengths. With the power of bad jokes, excellent roadside dance party moves and a smile that doesn’t fade until her cheeks go numb, Jewels can infect any group with laughter and positivity no matter the happenings. By sharing her light with each and every camper Jewels hopes every camper will gain a better sense of the things that make each of them shine like jewels.

History: Jewels grew up in the marshes of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, exploring with her little brother and family. Her childhood in the water led to a 14-year competitive swimming career, which she maintained through moves to Michigan and eventually Bainbridge Island, WA, where she went to high school. She showed her multi-tasking abilities by mastering 2 instruments, and becoming passionate about world-events through traveling with Model United Nations in addition to swimming year-round. A previous Alpengirl camper herself, Jewels honed the love for the outdoors she discovered as a child by backpacking and climbing all over Washington and Montana each summer, before completing a summer of leadership and mountaineering skills development in California. She wanted to share that passion, so she became a nanny and swim instructor which allowed her to spread the appreciation and skill sets for all things outside she has spent her life developing. Jewels recently transferred to Montana State University to finish her college education and pursue a degree in Environmental Sustainability and Public Health. She is Wilderness First Responder, CPR and Lifeguard certified. 

Current Base & Operations: Bozeman, MT. After spending the last year climbing the rocks and studying in Santa Cruz, California, Jewels is hunkering down in Bozeman, Montana where she is studying sustainable food systems, volunteering at a local horticultural farm, working at a local outdoor store, enjoying photography and skiing -- not mention making sure that Alpengirl's food program is better than ever for summer 2024! When the snow melts and ski season is over, Jewels will be dusting off the hiking boots and climbing shoes and hitting the road to explore new national parks in Canada and the beautiful cliffs of Moab, before skipping back home to Bozeman for the start of an incredible Alpengirl summer!