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wilderness summer camp staff leader

Little Fish

Real Name: Hannah J
Occupation: Alpenguide, World Language Initiative Coach & Operations Assistant, Ballet Teacher
Aliases: Hannie, Han, Lil’ Jacobsma
Birthplace: Saugatuck, Michigan
Age: 24

Known Superhuman Powers: Little Fish beholds a spirit in tune with the river and all its living things. Like the rivers she lives in, she has the ability to connect people together and create harmony with all those she is with. With her endless stream of positive vibes, she holds the ability to stay cool and calm, even in the roughest waters. Having a bad day? Come sit by her side; Little Fish will coax the worries away and help you to just let it ride. She also has the superhuman ability to make every girl believe that, just like each of her fish friends, they are undoubtedly special and unique. Little Fish is sure to take your fin and help you when you are feeling like you might be swimming a little upstream. 

Abilities: Little Fish wants everyone to feel connected to the earth and one another. She loves showing others that there is always common ground, no matter the situation. Little Fish enjoys celebrating people’s differences, connecting on a personal level, and sharing her super rad dance moves with all those she encounters. She believes in helping girls uncover their most genuine and bravest selves, and the power the natural world can have in feeding the free spirit within us all. Her biggest motivations for working in the outdoors are helping others to grow, try things that may challenge them, and discover the abounding beauty of this earth.

History: Little Fish grew up along the majestic Lake Michigan in the little town of Saugatuck. As an only child, she lived with her parents in their 140-year-old farmhouse, and she grew up building fairy forts in the woods, climbing trees, and walking around with her favorite yellow bucket on her head. From the time she could tickle her toes, she loved dancing, and spent 15 years of her life committed to ballet. She has danced in some fashion or other every day of her life ever since, whether on the stage or while feeding the chickens. Little Fish received a degree in English and French Language from Hope College, and it was here she experienced her first backpacking trip to Pictured Rocks National Parks. Since that fateful fall break, she’s spent her life seeking the beauty of the earth and filling it with as much adventure as she can muster. After her first trip out West to Colorado to visit her godparents, she acquired an unbreakable love for fly-fishing, and realized much can be learned from spending time on the river. For several summers she worked on a ranch in Sunlight Basin, Wyoming, taking kids and their families on adventures and feeding the ranch animals with joyful abandonment! She also spent eight months in a small farm town in France teaching English in a middle school where her friends consisted of the town librarians and the shopkeepers downstairs. During this time, she realized there is something to be learned from every person we encounter in our lives. This summer at Alpengirl, Little Fish is excited to encourage girls to seek beauty and adventure, be brave, be themselves, and dance silly dances whenever appropriate (which is always)! Little Fish is CPR and WFR certified.

Current Base & Operations: Bozeman, MT. Little Fish is celebrating 1 year of living in Bozeman - Woot! She is working for the World Language Initiative-MT as a French coach, inspiring a love for language and culture in ages K-5. She has also started her own ballet school in Manhattan, MT and is enjoying teaching local tots the art of expression through dance! She continues to strive to offer her positive energy to her fellow Bozemanites in all areas of life, and has enjoyed connecting with so many wonderful people in the community. In her free time, Little Fish enjoys fly-fishing, hiking, oil painting, and embracing the mountainous Montana beauty by learning to shred and spending sunny, snowy days on the mountain.