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wilderness summer camp staff leader

Mama Bear

Real Name: Beth E
Occupation: Alpenguide, Student
Aliases: Busy Lizzie, Bubbles, Baby Beth, the Bethenator
Birthplace: Moraga, CA
Age: 20

Known Superhuman Powers: Mama Bear’s superpower is creating a home away from home that is as fun as it is nurturing! Her recipe for success includes giving great hugs, being a good listener, and cooking up good food. With Mama Bear around, you’ll always have someone to chat and relax with as you explore!

Abilities: What brings a smile to Mama Bear’s face is sharing her delight in the outdoors, and seeing others experience the happiness that she feels in nature. She loves learning and teaching in the outdoors, sharing the beauty and insanity of it all! Mama Bear is very organized - she would be the first to notice if Goldilocks had been trying out all the beds again! - and stays calm in the midst of chaos. She also loves to shake a paw during a good dance party and emphasizes having as much fun as possible. She constantly encourages groups to grow in independence and knowledge through discussions, challenges and games!

History: Mama Bear grew up next to the big city of San Francisco, California. She spent her childhood outside in the sunshine, and this hasn’t changed much over the years. In high school, Mama Bear was in charge of her student government program and channelled her enthusiasm by heading up the spirit department and running pep rallies. While she wasn’t involved in school or student government, she was likely to be at Lake Tahoe. This is where Mama Bear found her bearings in the outdoors through activities such as camping, backpacking, and swimming, among others.

Moving to Montana for college was a big change for Mama Bear, particularly because of all the snow! Rather than hibernating all winter, she has learned to make skiing one of her favorite activities, and tries to spend time up at the local ski area, Bridger Bowl, when she’s not in class at Montana State University. At MSU, Mama Bear is studying to become a Family Consumer Science teacher in high schools. She is certified in Wilderness First Aid and CPR. Mama Bear is very excited for the snow to melt so she can get outdoors with Alpengirl - she can’t wait to see everyone’s shining faces!

Current Base and Operations: Bozeman, Montana. Mama Bear has one year of school left before she receives her Bachelor’s Degree in FCS Education at Montana State University. She can be found out and about in her adoptive home state, hiking, teaching, learning, climbing, skiing, camping, and having FUN!