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wilderness summer camp staff leader

Camper Engagement: Mattie Goat

Real Name: Mattie M
Occupation: Alpenguide, Wildlife Researcher, Childcare worker
Aliases: Mazurlazur, Mad-dawg, Matilda 
Birthplace: Denver, CO
Age: 25

Known Superhuman Powers: Ever seen a mountain goat navigating a high alpine ridge? If you look closely you might also spot a wild Mattie Goat with her flock - she loves exploring in the mountains and her favorite thing is to share these experiences with others. Nothing conquers mountains quite like girl power, an Mattie might just be the girl power G.O.A.T!

Abilities: Mattie Goat’s abilities include spontaneous dance parties (with the help of some groovy tunes!), eating way too much peanut butter on the trail, and having the fastest bear spay draw in the west. She has an eye for spotting wildlife, and has been know to help others fall in love with nature and feel empowered in the outdoors. Summit celebrations with Mattie Goat are not to be missed!

History: Mattie Goat was raised in the lovely Flathead Valley in Northwest Montana. Growing up, she spent most of her days barefoot trying to talk to animals, and taking weekend trips to explore Glacier National Park with her family.

After high school she was eager to travel, and left her native mountain goat territory to take a gap year in Madagascar, where she did marine and terrestrial wildlife conservation. Her focus was not only on researching the incredible wildlife diversity of the area, but also on working with locals to help protect the land they loved and called home. Mattie Goat carried this goal with her back to Montana, where she pursed a degree in environmental studies. Her passion is to protect the outdoor environment she loves by sharing it with others and facilitating connections to outdoor spaces.

Mattie Goat finishes her degree and set out to adventure once more, spending a year in the PNW meeting the mountain goats of Olympic National Park and exploring the lush coastal rainforest. She also added wheels to her methods of mountain transportation and her mountain biking skills have only continued to improve since then! Mattie Goat is Wilderness First Aid and CPR certified. 

Current Base and Operations: Mattie is currently back in her Montana homeland, living in Bozeman and staying busy with multiple jobs, including participating in wildlife research for a local non-profit. When she isn’t working she can be found mountain biking, backcountry skiing, and generally having way more fun than the boys. She is excited to bring her love of nature and enthusiasm for helping others explore the natural world to Alpengirl this summer.