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Alpengirl Camp Staff Jordyn S

Obi-Wan Canoebe

Real Name: Jordyn S
Occupation: Alpenguide, College Student
Aliases: Jojo, Joj
Birthplace: Minneapolis, MN
Age: 22

Known Superhuman Powers: Much like her Obi-Wan counterparts, Obi-Wan Canoebe is powerful with an extremely strong connection to the Force; known as the River Force in Canoebe’s waterway lovin’ world. Hers is the Force of rivers, lakes and streams. 

Obi-Wan Canoebe’s carved wooden paddle sets her apart from the Obi-Wannabes. The paddle is the formal instrument of a true Canoeist, not as clumsy or as random as an oar and more skill than simple strength is required for its use. Obi-Wan Canoebe has pure paddle power and is gifted in teaching the ways of the water to her young Padawan learners.

Abilities: Obi-Wan Canoebe is extremely skilled in the use of non-motorized watercraft and is a highly gifted Canoeist. She knows how to find the right balance between exerting maximum strength and maintaining stamina whether it's in or outside of a canoe. 

Canoebe is able to concentrate on leading the group forward while simultaneously setting a tone for relaxation at a pace that allows time to take in the beautiful scenery while reveling in the camaraderie of newly formed camp friendships.

History: Obi-Wan Canoebegrew up outside of the twin cities in Minnesota. She fell in love with the outdoors at a young age by going to various Girl Scouts and YMCA summer camps - she attended wilderness camps as well as water sports and sailing camps. Throughout middle school and high school she discovered her innate ability to master many sports and she even danced and played soccer competitively for many years. Canoebe completed 3 summers of camp leadership development before being hired on as camp staff at Camp du Nord & Camp Northern Lights. Some of Canoebe’s favorite summers have been spent in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness teaching and leading outdoor activities, canoeing, wilderness skills and more! Canoebe started her freshman year at the University of Kansas, but, once the pandemic hit she decided she wanted to pursue something that she was passionate about… the outdoors! Canoebe recently transferred to Montana State University to pursue a degree in environmental sciences and she is eager to connect with the mighty Alpengirls and share her favorite riddles, goofy songs, and games with everyone this summer! Obi-Wan Canoebe holds Lifeguard, Wilderness First Responder and CPR certifications.  

Current Base & Operations: Bozeman, MT. Studying Environmental Science at MSU. When not in school you may find Obi-Wan Canoebe on the trails hiking and looking for moose or exploring nearby national parks. You might also find her attempting to connect to the Force emitted by the winter ski slopes as she is just a Padawan learner herself in the sport of snowboarding!