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Wilderness summer camp guide and leader


Real Name: Madeline Z
Occupation: Alpenguide, educator, bicycle advocate, adventurer
Aliases: Maddog, Maddy Mae Mae
Birthplace: Long Beach, CA
Age: 23

Known Superhuman Powers: Presta has the amazing power of creating community within any group she meets! By making everyone feel valued and included, she can produce a superhuman team of her own that totally shines. She values the qualities that make everyone glow! 

Abilities: Presta can bring people together and exude joy onto others. As an excited individual, she can bring motivation and joy to any group. Presta believes in the power of girls and their ability to get things done! She wants to inspire girls this summer to feel confident in any outdoor scenario, especially ones that may feel a little challenging at first! She also loves a good trail sing-along, and if it wasn’t so heavy, she would bring her guitar on the trail! 

History: Presta was born on the California coast but quickly relocated to her hometown of Lake Arrowhead, California in the snowy San Bernardino Mountains. She grew up ATVing with her dad and brother but also loved to ski, wakeboard, hike, and bike. In high school, Presta was also involved in choir and band. After graduating, Presta attended the University of Oregon (UO) where her passion for bicycles was ignited and her true love for the outdoors began. She worked at the UO Bike Program as a bicycle mechanic and trip leader, and led all kinds of trips from multi-day bicycle tours to single day ski and hot spring trips. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in environmental science, she worked as a Safe Routes to School Coordinator to educate elementary and middle school students on how to bike and walk safely to school in Portland, Oregon. She plans to become a middle or high school teacher and continue to adventure outside! She’s Wilderness First Aid and CPR certified.

Current Base & Operations: Unestablished! Presta has moved all of her belongings to her hometown in Lake Arrowhead, California but plans to teach English abroad next year. She is hoping to be found in Spain eating tapas or in Japan eating ramen by the end of October 2023!