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Alpengirl Camp Staff Natalie K

Ray of Sunshine

Real Name: Natalie K
Occupation: Alpenguide, Ski Instructor, College Student
Aliases: Nat-bug, Lil’ Bazooki
Birthplace: Athens, OH
Age: 23

Known Superhuman Powers: Ray of Sunshine possesses the power of solarkinesis. Harnessing the power and energy of the sun she can imbue a warm, positive energy vibe into campers in her care by directing a bright and sunny ray of sunshine onto any situation! When people are hit by her sun rays they are not only showered in positivity but they also get a moment to shine themselves. In her eyes, the best part of a day is making a new friend and sharing giggles together. The only after effect of her sun power is the everlasting and bright memories!

Abilities: This piano playing, ukulele strumming, roller skating, guitar hero is also a self described “people person” who is able to make the best of a gloomy day and can (and will) turn frowns upside down! Cheers & Hooray for this Ray of Sunshine!

History: Growing up in Loveland, Colorado this lil’ Ray of Sunshine was skiing and going on the weekly “Family Sunday Hikes” as just a wee one! These weekly family-centered jaunts sparked something adventurous in all five members of her family and they decided to start homeschooling and go on a nine month camping trip! This was an extraordinary experience that grew her love for the outdoors into a whole new adventure lovin’ way of living that remains today. Ray of Sunshine blossomed into an avid outdoor enthusiast and has continued to spent all of her free time hiking, camping, and skiing all while dragging her friends along with her - she loves a group adventure! Motivated by her affection for creating relationships with people, Ray of Sunshine decided to pursue a degree in nursing at Northern Arizona University (NAU) and moved to move to Flagstaff, Arizona. Ray of Sunshine has always enjoyed work in a kid-friendly group setting, from lifeguarding pools and summer camp counseling to her current work as a ski instructor she balances school with a healthy dose of the outdoors to make life sweet. Ray of Sunshine is certified in Wilderness First Aid and CPR. 

Current Base & Operations: Flagstaff, AZ. At NAU, Ray of Sunshine has many like-minded adventure pals and she continues to gather groups for backpacking and hiking trips that take her anywhere from Alaska to New Mexico; she and her gaggle of fun friends just can’t stay still!