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wilderness summer camp staff leader

Red Rover

Real Name: Serena C
Occupation: Alpenguide, Ski Shop Girl
Aliases: Rover, Rena, Big Red, Canuck
Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario Canada
Age: 27

Known Superhuman Powers: Red Rover Red Rover, send any camper on over! Red Rover has the superhuman power to turn any doubt into fuel. She constantly reminds herself and those she is with, “Want to feel good about yourself? Overcome a new obstacle!” She is always seeking out new challenges in both the backcountry and front country. Red Rover loves helping young girls feel empowered by introducing them to new outdoor activities and watching them soar. The ability to manage both the vibe and the environment of the group safely, while working to expand comfort zones, is her wheelhouse! Rover quickly makes new settings her own, ready to summit new situations and jump in to new activities. Red Rover’s superhuman power comes with an insatiable desire to explore and share new places and experiences with others.

Abilities: Red Rover uses her sharp mind to quickly and seamlessly solve problems. She loves finding compromise in any crossroads situation. When a compromise is not readily obvious, she taps into her resourcefulness to resolve the problem at hand. Red Rover’s problem solving ability stems from her naturally creative mind which, matched with a dedicated work ethic, makes her an incredible leader!

History: Since a young age, Red Rover has never stayed put for long. She grew up in a family that moved every 3-4 years which instilled within her a nomadic spirit. In grade school, she bounced from one end of Canada to the other, and later went through high school in Minnesota. She headed back to Canada for college where she graduated in 2012 with a degree in journalism and a minor in music. After a few journalism internships, Red Rover decided it was time follow her calling to the outdoors. Since then, Red Rover has bounced from California as an organic gardener to Oregon as an AmeriCorps member, Washington as an outdoor educator to Alaska as a trip leader. She finally landed in Montana as an adventure guide at a boarding school for teen girls. Every new place Red Rover lands, she feels enriched by new passions and people. Red Rover holds Wilderness First Responder and CPR certifications.

Current Base & Operations: Big Sky, MT. Red Rover currently works in a ski shop and is optimistic as she continues toward her goal of starting her own business.