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wilderness summer camp staff leader


Real Name: Sofia D
Occupation: Alpenguide, Environmental Science Educator
Aliases: Sopita, Sofapilla, Sofrita
Birthplace: Houston, Texas
Age: 25

Known Superhuman Powers: River has carved her way through various states across the U.S. and made lots of friends along the way. It’s no surprise her superhuman power is building connections. She’s a fantastic listener with a calming and warm energy. She plunges into the challenge of bringing cohesion to a group. River sweeps up those around her with her warm and smiley presence. She’s as generous with her time as she is with her use of the word y’all.

Abilities: River doesn’t rush, but serenely flows and enjoys every moment of a journey. After all, there are so many beautiful things to experience! Her laid back and calming presence help in creating a safe space for growth where all feel supported. Don’t stress though, River’s a flexible and quick thinker when unexpected bends appear and we need to change course. River encourages everyone to be their best selves. She knows from experience even when things don’t go as planned, at the very least it will be a fun story to tell later.  River knows the importance of a break. With a loud shrill, her acorn whistle can gather everyone for a well deserved snack break or to admire a small clump of beautiful moss. She loves discussing with others about the cool things on trails she finds using her trusty hand lens. River celebrates differences and encourages everyone to challenge themselves. Her biggest motivations for working in the outdoors are helping others to grow in confidence, build deep connections, and slow down to appreciate the details.

History: River grew up deep in the heart of Texas. Born and raised in the city of Houston, she grew up as the oldest of 3 and a large extended family. Her outdoor experience growing up consisted of regular outings at the local city park, visiting the beach and a ski trip in the winter. She followed the trail of bluebonnets to Austin and received a degree in Biology from The University of Texas. After graduation she visited her first National Park! Since then, River’s gone on many adventures from seeing penguins sliding on a frozen lake to seeing glaciers high in the mountains of the Olympics. River loves learning and stays curious about the world around her. When River isn’t adventuring outside, she enjoys painting, drawing, knitting, baking, and cooking. She is so excited to show girls the joy of slowing down and looking around this summer! River is CPR and Wilderness First Responder certified.

Current Base and Operations: Houston, TX. She and her pets enjoy the summer evenings surrounded by friends, lightning bugs and a gentle breeze. During the week River can be found teaching ecology, baking delectable treats for game night with friends, or crafting away. On the weekends you can find her at the park spending time with family and playing soccer or out exploring the hill country with her tent and besties. She’s always striving to grow and plans on visiting family in South America this fall.