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Sophie an Alpengirl camp guide and leader

River Otter

Real Name: Sophie H
Occupation: Alpenguide, Student
Aliases: Snacki
Birthplace: Grand Rapids, MI
Age: 21

Known superhuman powers: ​Did you know a group of otters is called a romp, bevy, family or raft?? River Otter is here to use her superhuman social powers to make everyone around her feel like romping from the first day of camp! Whether splashing around, goofing around, or gathering 'round the campfire, River Otter’s enthusiastic personality turns any situation into a spontaneous moment. Like the playful animal she's named for, she is sure to know a song, game or dance to lift everybody up, and her playful energy makes a wilderness adventure with her into a wonderful experience for all. 

Abilities: ​A river otter is a social, fun-seeking creature, and this particular super-otter has the ability to connect with anybody. Her group-oriented mindset enables her to  build a relationship with each and every camper, making sure everyone feels safe, and welcome so they can reach their full potential. Her overflow of positive energy is sure to rub off and make everyone smile through any adventure, large or small! Who can help but feel passionate and positive about the wilderness with River Otter at the helm?

History: River Otter grew up a midwest city girl, not far from the shores of Lake Michigan. (There's a reason she's a river otter, not a sea otter!) Her parents taught her to enjoy the outdoors and at a young age she was exploring the Sleeping Bear Dunes, the brisk Great Lakes and the beautiful state parks along Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Her passion for spending time outside grew with each passing year at an all girls summer camp in northern Michigan, where she discovered the glory of camping under the stars, roasting s’mores over a fire, and canoeing in the rain. She eventually became a counselor at her home-away-from-home, becoming a pro at inspiring young girls to unplug from technology and connect with the environment while growing resilient and independent.

A summer with Outward Bound on the Appalachian Trail solidified her love for the mountains, desire to become an outdoor educator, and decision to attend Montana State University for college. At MSU, she works for the Outdoor Recreation Program leading incoming freshmen on backcountry expeditions, renting out gear to students, and helping instruct classes or clinics related to wilderness medicine, avalanche safety, and rock climbing. She also loves spending time mentoring kids at a local nonprofit. As a volunteer, she helps provide opportunities for teens through experiential adventures and group workshops. River Otter is Wilderness First Responder, CPR and Lifeguard certified.

Current Base and Operations: Bozeman, MT. River Otter is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree at Montana State University, majoring in Human Development and Family Science and minoring in Sustainability Studies. When she's not on the trails or slopes, you can find her rollerblading around town, drinking coffee, building a roaring fire, or exploring a new body of water!