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Sarah an Alpengirl camp guide and leader


Real Name: Sarah M
Occupation: Student, Alpenguide
Aliases: Sarebear, Mac
Birthplace: Lafayette, CA
Age: 21

Known Superhuman Powers: Scout is always on the lookout for an adventure! Rain or shine she is able to find something that will make your day a little brighter and an adventure that inspires you to grow. She’ll to scout out the best in every day and she is known for her ability to look closely at what is ahead so that you can be sure footed along your way! 

Abilities: Scout is always looking forward to the next adventure whether it’s meeting new people, going new places or creating exciting experiences! Scout has always been incredibly reliable in finding the path forward that points towards adventure and sharing positive experiences among fellow explorers. Scout is able to find the good in every person, and in every day, so that she can inspire others to discover new passions and find the good in their own adventures. She also has the ability to always pick the right time for a good tune with her traveling guitar always by her side. Scout loves making memories with amazing people so that she can always look forward to the next adventure and good part of each day! 

History: Scout was lucky enough to incredible parents who often included her and her sister on their spectacular outdoor adventures. From these wonderful experiences, a young Scout fell in love with the outdoors and was always looking forward to the next chance to explore. She did everything she could to spend time outside, whether by being on the Squaw Valley Ski Team so that she could spend time in the mountains or by climbing Mt. Lassen with her family on the weekends. She found that these experiences connected her to incredible people who helped her see how there is a lesson in every experience. She hopes to pass that on to Alpengirl this summer. 

When Scout decided to attend Montana State University, she was so excited to move, largely because of the chance to be closer to the outdoors! She is currently pursuing a degree in Elementary Education as well as a Reading minor so that she can someday help others discover their own passions. During her time at MSU she has joined several clubs that help inspire others to experience the outdoors such as the Women’s Outdoor Club (Backcountry Squatters) and Montana Wild Club. She spent her first summer in Montana leading teenagers on horse pack trips in the Bighorn Mountains, and now she is able to help get people out and exploring the mountain by being a ski instructor at the local Bridger Bowl Ski Resort. It is incredibly important to Scout that she does everything in her power to help expose others to the adventure, powerful friendships and positivity that comes with getting outside! Scout is Wilderness First Responder, Leave No Trace and CPR certified.

Current Base and Operations: Scout is currently living in Bozeman Montana, where she is a ski instructor on the weekends, and studying at Montana State University during the week. She is already looking forward to the adventures that this summer at Alpengirl will bring!