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wilderness summer camp staff leader

Shakin' Bacon

Real Name: Kaitlyn D
Occupation: Alpenguide, College Student
Aliases: Bake, K-dawg, Booboo bear
Birthplace: Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
Age: 23

Known Superhuman Powers: Shakin’ Bacon has the superhuman ability to shake up any boring situation! Feeling a little down or tired? Have no fear, Shakin’ bacon will be there to the rescue with her abundant sizzlin’ energy and spirited games to bring life to any trip!

Abilities: Shakin’ bacon is an energetic outdoor enthusiast always looking for adventure. She prides herself on her ability to motivate and inspire any group, and she brings out the best in each person by sharing her love for the outdoors, fun campfire stories, and hilarious group games with everyone. 

History: Shakin’ bacon was born in Pennsylvania but first found her love for the outdoors growing up hiking with her family in Montana. In high school she studied at High Mountain Institute in Colorado where she fell in love with backpacking and backcountry skiing, and these have been her favorite activities ever since! Her experiences have taught her to love the task of becoming comfortable in a challenging setting and to truly appreciate how lucky we are to become involved in the outdoors. Shakin’ bacon is studying molecular biology and sports science at Colorado College and is heavily involved in their Outdoor Recreation Committee. She goes backpacking or skiing with her friends on every break she gets, enjoys leading trips for her school, and is responsible for planning and sending out all student backcountry ski trips. Her most recent favorite trip was a 2 month study abroad program in the Seychelles where she got to SCUBA dive to participate in conservation research in various marine ecosystems. Shakin’ bacon currently holds CPR/First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, SCUBA, and AIARE Avalanche safety training certifications. 

Current Base & Operations: Colorado Springs, CO. Finishing up her final semester and graduating with a bachelors degree in molecular biology and minor in human biology and kinesiology before another summer leading Alpengirls on awesome adventures!