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Alpengirl Camp Staff Kaelyn

Shoe Swapper

Real Name: Kaelyn S
Occupation: Alpenguide, Crossroads Academy Staff
Aliases: Kae, The Beast
Birthplace: Maple Grove, MN
Age: 26

Known Superhuman Powers: Shoe Swapper has superhuman levels of empathy power that allow her to swap shoes with all humans in order to better understand what makes them who they are. She can empathize and relate to people to help them feel more comfortable, heard, and supported.

Abilities: Shoe Swapper is able to make deep and meaningful connections with young folks by engaging in thoughtful and open minded conversations. She also has special talents in backcountry cooking, primitive fire making using a bow drill set and in making any road trip way longer than in needs to be by stopping to smell the roses while happily enjoying fresh baked pastries along the way!

History: Shoe Swapper was born and raised in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her childhood was spent playing soccer and making forts and playing outside with her sisters. Shoe Swappers love for the outdoors flourished while spending time at the lake at her cabin where she learned to swim, wake board, and take in the beauty of her surroundings. Her family also took yearly camping trips to Minnesota’s north shore on Lake Superior. This is where Shoe Swapper first started chasing waterfalls, enjoying hikes and big adventures.

Shoe Swapper attended college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she studied Psychology, Global Health, and Environmental Studies. During college, she studied the connections people human health and environmental we live in, and began to explore the happiness she felt in nature as well. Shoe Swapper completed a study abroad program in Nepal where she learned about the health care systems throughout the country, and also backpacked through parts of the Annapurna Circuit. She also furthered her love of the outdoors through a summer spent frolicking in Alaska. 

Shoe Swapper graduated college in 2019. She spent an additional year living in her college town, working at a mental health crisis center. In 2020, the mountains started calling to her, and she decided she must go. Shoe Swapper decided to move to Salt Lake City, Utah, and pursue a job in wilderness therapy. While working in wilderness therapy, Shoe Swapper lived half of one year outside, supporting teenagers with behavioral and substance abuse problems. Though it was challenging at times, she solidified her belief that nature really does heal us. Shoe Swapper holds Wilderness First Responder, CPR and Lifeguard certifications.

Current Base & Operations: Salt Lake City, UT. Since moving to Utah, she has LOVED exploring all of the outdoor recreation that the area has to offer… from snowboarding in the Wasatch mountain range, to hiking in the desert, to rock climbing in the canyons, Shoe Swapper keeps herself fulfilled and appreciative of the landscapes she is blessed to live in. You may also find Shoe Swapper reading a good book, or making art inspired by her adventures.