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Teen adventure camp trip leader

Shooting Star

Real Name: Catalina R
Occupation: Alpenguide, college student
Aliases: Cat, Kitkat
Birthplace: Davenport, IA
Age: 23

Known Superhuman Powers: Seeing a shooting star is a visual reminder of our connection to the universe, and this Shooting Star has been gifted with the superhuman ability to spot even the faintest trail of colorful light in the evening sky. Being with Shooting Star at camp is sure to  inspire you to direct your eyes upward and to be present with all that is in the sky - the sun, the moon and bright stars above. Shooting Star believes that “anything is possible” for all campers, just make a wish upon a star and see it fly across the night sky!

Abilities: As a former Alpengirl camper and intern, Shooting Star is able and at the ready to initiate a colorful and inspired road side dance party! Being an Alpengirl at a young age herself, she knows what a powerful experience this camp is and through her work as an Alpenguide this summer she wishes to give back and to help her campers navigate their own inner compass and to gain confidence so that they are able to shine brightly in any new activity they choose to pursue. 

History: Shooting Star moved to Montana from the Midwest, she fell in love with Montana culture and their love for animals and nature. After residing in Montana with her family for a few years, she decided she wanted to go to school in Montana to help the environment in any way that she can. She finds joy in anything outdoors: fishing, camping, hiking, riding, scuba diving, and just being outside! She is certified as an advanced diver and worked on coral reef restoration on an island in Honduras. Shooting Star also taught at an indigenous children’s summer camp on a Native American reservation in Montana and in a village in Peru with the Kichwa-Lamista children. She has taken backpacking and outdoor risk management and safety courses and has certifications in Wilderness First Aid, Lifeguarding and CPR. 

Current Base & Operations: Bozeman, MT. Shooting Star is completing her last semester of college at Montana State University where she will earn her Bachelors in Environmental Studies with a minor in Sustainability. As a leader who seeks to share her love for our environment with others in the the same way previous Alpenguides shared with her, her future is certainly bright and she is excited to advance in a career that makes positive change big or small.