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Alpengirl camp staff - Lizzie T

Singing Sequoia

Real Name: Lizzie T
Occupation: Alpenguide, Leadership Development Instructor, Organic Farmer
Aliases: Liz-Dog, Liz-Wizzle, Little Bit, Blue Leader, Rogue Sage
Birthplace: Chicago, IL
Age: 24

Known Superhuman Powers: Singing Sequoia is among the grandest of the large trees on the planet and with this comes a deep and vast root system where super human levels of celebration are stored. She sings the praises of Mother Nature and regularly celebrates all of the charms and challenges that come with being fully alive in the great outdoors.

Abilities: With her bountiful canopy, Singing Sequoia creates an open and joyful environment under which campers can gather and celebrate all of the goodness that life has to offer. Singing Sequoia loves to support each camper in finding her own voice and encourages positive growth and leadership in one and all. She is in tune with the powerful ebb and flow of the wilderness and eagerly shares her outdoor skills with others.  She welcomes a good challenge from which learning happens and she seems to always have a poem at the ready whenever nature calls for some humble reflection time.

History: Singing Sequoia sprouted up from the suburbs of Chicago where she spent her childhood days playing with her two younger siblings and enjoying time with her many furry friends. As a young sapling, Singing Sequoias love for animals was renowned, she was known by many as the town’s local horse-girl. She found a connection with the spirit of the wild while taking long walks with her dogs and letting her imagination drift to far off mountains and rivers. When Singing Sequoia was in middle school, her family moved to London, England, where she made friends from all over the world and discovered her capacity to connect to people from diverse cultural backgrounds. After two years of living in London, Singing Sequoia moved back to Chicago, and at this point in her life she knew she wanted to continue to travel and experience the larger world. So, after high school graduation, she completed a 30-day NOLS backpacking course, spent 6 weeks doing service work across the USA, and studied abroad in Costa Rica. She then attended Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA where she studied astronomy and earned a degree in Religious Studies in 2017. Sequoia studied abroad in India where she explored the grand Himalayas and conducted her own research project on indigenous healing practices. Sequoia has lived off-and-on at a Zen Buddhist monastery in Oregon, where she practices meditation and cultivates a deep sense of purpose, and love for life. For the past two summers, Singing Sequoia has written a leadership development curriculum for adolescent girls, and instructed backpacking and canoeing trips across the US. Singing Sequoia is passionately dedicated to empowering young women to use their voices, and to embrace their unique leadership styles! Singing Sequoia is Wilderness First Responder, CPR and Lifeguard certified.

Current Base and Operations: Bellingham, WA. Working at REI and Whole Foods and playing in the ocean and in the North Cascades! This spring she will hike the Arizona Trail before joining forces with the super human Alpengirl team. In the next few years Singing Sequoia plans to earn a Master of Social Work degree.