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Alpengirl Camp Staff Kelsey B


Real Name: Kelsey B
Occupation: Alpenguide, college student, childcare provider
Aliases: Kels, Kels dawg
Birthplace: Bozeman, MT
Age: 21

Known Superhuman Powers: Like paddling through a whitewater rapid or swimming through a crashing ocean wave, Splash will give you an invigorating burst of positive energy to finish the task at hand. Splash’s excitement for being in nature radiates around her like ripples from jumping into a mountain lake, and she makes sure to spread her passionate energy to everyone in her group. 

Abilities: Splash is determined to share her love for the outdoors with everyone around her, along with stories of her experiences skiing off the top of snowy peaks and traveling to vibrant places around the world. Splash also has a keen awareness of others, ensuring their safety and well being: both emotional and physical! From goofing around at camp to stopping to take delicious snack breaks on the trail, Splash is sure to spread her lighthearted spirit and passion for being outside with everyone in her reach. 

History: Born and raised in Bozeman, Montana, Splash spent her childhood hiking, skiing, backpacking and recreating in the mountains with her family. As the daughter of a Grand Canyon river guide mom, Splash also spent lots of time on whitewater rafting trips as she grew up. After high school, Splash’s adventurous spirit led her to a gap year program to Southeast Asia, where she gained knowledge about other cultures, volunteered at an elephant sanctuary, and learned just how much she loves being by the ocean. Splash now attends Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington, where she spends as much time as she can outside, from mountain biking in the rainforest to skiing off of volcanoes all around the Pacific Northwest. Splash’s love for skiing also inspired her to be a leader for WWU’s freeride ski team. Majoring in Psychology, Splash is passionate about working with kids and bringing joy to others through being in nature! Splash is Wilderness First Aid and CPR certified. 

Current Base & Operations: Bellingham, WA. Splash is currently attending Western Washington University. When not in class, Splash is either doing childcare or outside recreating on her skis, mountain bike, or skateboard!