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Ellie an Alpengirl camp guide and leader

Spontaneous Sparkle

Real Name: Ellie N
Occupation: Alpenguide, Spanish Teacher, Ski Instructor
Aliases: Ell Bell, Ms. Ellie
Birthplace: Missoula, MT
Age: 23

Known Superhuman Powers: You won’t catch Spontaneous Sparkle without some pink sparkles with her--so get ready! With Spontaneous Sparkle, you’ll feel strong and capable outside, and sparkly on the inside. She has the power of laughter and can make you giggle anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s asking silly questions to find the answer to a riddle (of which she has MANY-- be warned), or helping you accomplish a goal, Spontaneous Sparkle will be there for you whenever you need her, for laughing till you cry, crying till you laugh, celebrating, creating, and trying new things: because that’s what being outside and adventuring is all about!

Abilities: Spontaneous Sparkle has no greater passion in the world than empowering young women. She cherishes opportunities to learn with others through making mistakes and trying new things, and takes every opportunity to do so. She loves to skateboard, ski, make delicious breakfasts, and adventure. Nothing makes these activities more fun than hanging out with a bunch of ladies all the while! You’ll open up to her quickly as she is open-minded and a great listener, using her with her powers of embracing vulnerability to encourage you to feel comfortable with your new friends and adventure family.

History: Spontaneous Sparkle was born in Missoula, Montana. She has always loved the outdoors, and spent the majority of her time outside climbing trees and hiking with her three siblings when she was younger. She grew up a ballerina and a skier, dancing all week and skiing every weekend. In 2016, she moved to Bozeman, Montana for college. She speaks Spanish and French (ask her for a riddle in a different language!), and had the opportunity to spend half of 2017 in Lima, Peru, studying, traveling, salsa dancing, and making new friends.

For the last four years, Spontaneous Sparkle has accumulated an impressive number of new experiences to fuel her curiosity and add to her skillset: her list of titles is long! Spanish translator and interpreter, Spanish teacher for elementary school kiddos through an after-school program, ski instructor, and outdoor educator, to name a few. In her current role at the MSU Outdoor Recreation Program, Spontaneous Sparkle teaches about wilderness medicine and avalanche education, and leads several specialized courses, including veteran’s-specific, all women’s, and Queer Frontier courses for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies. Spontaneous Sparkle is passionate about making the outdoors accessible and welcoming for everybody. She holds Swiftwater Rescue and WIlderness First Responder certifications.

Current Base o&Operations: Spontaneous Sparkle currently lives and works in Bozeman, Montana, working with the Outdoor Recreation Program, skateboarding, spending time on local rivers, and petting cute dogs. She weekends as a ski instructor (mostly working with amazing young women!), and skis with her local lady shredders on her days off. She is incredibly excited to make new friends this summer and soak up some sunshine at Alpengirl!