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wilderness summer camp staff leader


Real Name: Erin M
Occupation: Alpenguide, Aspiring Forester and Outdoor Educator
Aliases: Red, Fiddle, Goose, Spruce Goose
Birthplace: Wheat Ridge, CO
Age: 24

Known Superhuman Powers: Spruce has the power to help others find their roots and grow tall! Spruce channels the sun and the rain to grow outwards and upwards. In mighty storms, Spruce can bend without breaking, and she loves to dance with the winds of life. 

Abilities: Spruce has the ability to help young girls find their own core strength and reach for the sky! Just like trees, every girl grows at her own pace, and Spruce is there for each girl to help her draw energy from herself and her surroundings. She uses the power of yoga, positivity, and self-reflection to build strength from the inside out, and her singing, dancing, and creativity make each moment an adventure.

History: Spruce’s roots are in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, where she grew up in an old yellow farmhouse with a big garden. She spent many days “helping” in the garden, which mostly meant playing in the mud and looking for ladybugs. She spent one week of every summer at a Girl Scout camp in Bailey, CO where she discovered the magic of sisterhood and outdoor adventures!  

When Spruce moved to Tacoma, Washington to attend University of Puget Sound and study Biology and International Political Economy, she fell in love with the tall trees of Washington, and took every opportunity to wander the forests in and out of class. In college, she tried all sorts of new adventures, from teaching guitar to girls, joining the ultimate frisbee team, singing acapella, to new outdoor pursuits like skiing, rock climbing, and sea kayaking. Her favorite thing amongst the many branches of her life will always be strapping on a big backpack and hiking through the woods. 

Spruce is passionate about field botany, forestry, and sharing the forests with others. She loves leading backpacking trips with her college and teaching about native plants and animals with various outdoor organizations. She is Wilderness First Responder, CPR, and Lifeguard certified.

Current Base & Operations: Spruce is currently spreading roots in Seattle, WA. She is practicing her Alpengirl van-driving skills as she travels around Washington bringing science workshops to rural elementary schools. When not on the road, Spruce loves to cook up new recipes, play ultimate frisbee, and strum her mandolin!