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Annie an Alpengirl camp guide and leader


Real Name: Annie C
Occupation: Alpenguide, Outdoor Gear Sales Associate
Aliases: Anner, Citrus
Birthplace: Portland, ME
Age: 23

Known Superhuman Powers: Whirly, twirly, round and round, here and there Squirrels! scampers gathering up the adventure bound! Community Gathering is Squirrels! superpower; she’s a natural at collecting campers energy and storing it up to support and create a thriving community of happy campers.

Abilities: With a cache stocked full off corny nutty jokes and the constant wag and twitch of her fluffy bushy tail Squirrels! is able to easily energize a group with positivity and guide them to fun and adventure. Her caring and nurturing personality compels her to climb to the highest of treetops and go out on wee little limb just to ensure everyone’s needs and goals are met, and if things get a little out of balance, she'll use that tail to parachute the group back to her inclusive nested camp community.

History: Squirrels! was born and raised in a small town outside of the biiiiig city of Portland, Maine. She spent her childhood getting into mischief with her older sister in the woods near her house. Her love for the outdoors started as early as she can remember, her parents would bring her sister and her along on all of their outdoor excursions. She spent lots of time hiking through the mountains of western Maine. As a child she got the opportunity to go to a conservation focused 4-H Youth Camp where she learned primitive hard skills and about the environment which sparked even more of an interest in the outdoors. As she got older she started working at the camp and found a love for outdoor education and sharing her passion for the outdoors with others. Now, she loves taking people out camping and backpacking for their first time! With a love for snowy winter ski seasons, Squirrels! set her keen eyesight on the University of Vermont and has taken the leap towards completing her formal education in environmental studies and parks, recreation and tourism. Squirrels! holds Wilderness First Responder and CPR certifications. 

Current Base & Operations: Burlington, VT. Working at the local outdoor gear shop finding ways to share her love for the outdoors with others. You might find Squirrels! rock climbing, skiing, hiking, or exploring all the cool places in Vermont and in the Adirondacks in New York. Her current hiking goal is to hike all 46 high peaks in the Adirondacks with currently 16 down!