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wilderness summer camp staff leader


Real Name: Katie T
Occupation: Alpenguide, College Student
Aliases: KT, Kate, Katydid
Birthplace: Gresham, Oregon
Age: 22

Known Superhuman Powers: Sunflower is the eternal optimist. Hailing from the rainy state of Oregon, Sunflower knows how to find even the smallest ray of sunshine available and soak in it’s warmth. Just as sunflowers are composed of many tiny blooms, Sunflower brings people together into inspiring, positive and joyful communities!

Abilities: Legend has it that when Sunflower walks into a room, the song "Here Comes the Sun" is immediately stuck in everyone's head. Sunflower has the ability to make everyone feel welcome and beautiful. She brings out the best in those growing beside her by soaking up sunshine and expelling it back out to those around her. After spending a day with Sunflower, you will be soaked in a warm yellow glow and feel your own petals reaching for the sun!

History: Sunflower was born and raised in the magnificent state of Oregon. With its beautiful forests, rugged coastline, tall mountain ranges, high deserts and hot springs galore, Oregon is a outdoor-girl’s dream. Growing up, Sunflower was lucky to experience Oregon's beauty with her parents, siblings and friends, who all helped spark her passion for sharing the joy of the outdoors with others! In high school, Sunflower was a stellar student and dedicated water polo player. When she wasn't playing water polo, competing in debate tournaments or working as a lifeguard and swim lesson instructor, she spent every chance she could hiking and backpacking in the spectacular Columbia River Gorge, just a quick drive from her front door. After graduating high school as valedictorian, Sunflower packed her bags and moved to Colorado Springs where she now studies environmental policy at Colorado College. At Colorado College, Sunflower is involved in the Outdoor Education Department and has received training from the Ahlberg Leadership Institute. She is blooming with excitement for her first summer as an Alpenguide and can’t wait to make this summer an unforgettable experience for all of the Alpengirls! Sunflower is Wilderness First Responder, Lifeguard, CPR and Leave No Trace certified.

Current Base & Operations: Colorado Springs, Colorado. Sunflower is halfway through with her Bachelor's Degree in environmental policy at Colorado College. In the fall, she will be heading to New Zealand for a semester to study environmental policy and sustainability. She enjoys learning, hiking, climbing, reading, spending time with pals and soaking up Colorado's 300 days of sunshine a year!