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Alpengirl Camp Staff Louli Z

Sunflower Sea Star

Real Name: Louli Z
Occupation: Alpenguide, College Student, Outdoor Pursuits Trip Leader
Aliases: Sea Star, Sunny
Birthplace: Bellingham, WA
Age: 22

Known Superhuman Powers: Sunflower Sea Star has the combined superpowers of dualism and balance - she is able to employ the use of these naturally opposite yet interconnected forces to the benefit of the groups she is with. She's both excitedly playful and quietly reflective and loves to bring others along while running to experience the thrill of surfing an ocean wave and then walking slowly in the woods to appreciate the small things such as a pretty Shooting Star flower.

Abilities: As a many armed creature of the sea, Sunflower Sea Star has a talent for yoga and is especially adept at spontaneously engaging in free form yoga that allows her to stretch out her many tiny tubed feet in whatever direction and way that her centralized disc body needs to radiate - perhaps a long arms wide open stretch or a tight enclosed full body wrap around hold is what the moment calls for, she’s flexible and always seeking balance. Active listening in conversation, in hushed footsteps, and in deep calm breaths is also a unique ability that she known to have.

History: Raised in Bellingham, Washington Sunflower Sea Star grew up skiing Mount Baker and hiking and exploring the Cascade Mountain Range with her parents but has always been most drawn to the coast and sound near her home. When the time came to select a college to attend, her heart was drawn to the Oregon Coast where Sunflower Sea Star really blossomed, and began teaching herself to surf, which has helped her discover so much humility and curiosity from her time spent being at home in the ocean. Sunflower Sea Star spent a half year studying abroad in Ecuador while living in a surfing and fishing community where she learned so much from the people there who were all deeply connected to the coast and the ocean. Recently Sunflower Sea Star has been working with the Oregon Coastal and Ocean Information Network and has been enjoying using her mapping skills to help connect people to the land. As expected, with many arms Sunflower Sea Star can dabble in many clubs and extracurriculars while at university such as Ski & Snowboard, Surfrider Foundation, Ecology, and Spanish Conversation. Sunflower Sea Star is currently Wilderness First Responder and CPR certified.
Current Base & Operations: Portland, OR. Graduating with degrees in Environmental Ethics & Policy and Spanish from the University of Portland. In her free time you can find her learning more about the Columbia River Gorge and leading university Outdoor Pursuits trips and surfing trips to Short Sands Beach.