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wilderness summer camp staff leader

Sunny K

Real Name: Kyana S
Occupation: Alpenguide, Alpengirl Office Staff, College Student
Aliases: K, Special K, Shredderzand
Birthplace: Lansing, Michigan
Age: 23

Known Superhuman Powers: Sunny K possesses the super power of eternal sunshine, effortlessly brightening the sky on even the greyest of days. When Sunny K is around, you better have your sunglasses ready!

Abilities: Sunny K is a fiery ball of energy, warming those around her with her radiant glow. She exudes light-heartedness, warmth, and optimism, harnessing the energy of the sun for an endless supply. She’s a social butterfly with a knack for knowing who needs some happiness shone their way and always willing to lend some light. After spending some time with this ray-of-sunshine, you will sparkle like never before and recognize how special you truly are! Those who find themselves in Sunny K’s orbit, can’t help but feel her ebullient rays of love.

History: Sunny K was born in the wooded land of Michigan and spent much of her childhood frolicking in the forest. At the age of 14, Sunny K’s family moved to sunny North Carolina where she attended high school and was the captain of the school dance team. After high school, she headed to Appalachian State University in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Here she managed summer camp programs for kids and began hiking, climbing and camping, and discovered a profound love of the outdoors. In 2015, Sunny K made a big move across the county to Big Sky Country - Montana where she worked in outdoor retail and as a full-time ski instructor for several seasons. Sunny K is Wilderness First Aid and CPR Certified. 

Current Base & Operations: Bozeman, MT. Sunny K is currently attending MSU where she studies Elementary Education in order to pursue her love of working with kids. In the winters, along with school, she teaches kids to ski at Moonlight Basin in Big Sky. When not on the mountain, she enjoys singing Nora Jones songs, cooking Persian food, being a social butterfly, and soaking up as much sun as she can!