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Alpengirl Camp Staff Virginia B

Sunny-Side Up

Real Name: Virginia B
Occupation: Alpenguide, Montessori Preschool Teacher, Nature-based Educator, Barn Hand
Aliases: Miss Guginnifer, Ginia
Birthplace: Seattle, WA
Age: 25

Known Superhuman Powers: Sunny-Side Up’s favorite color is sunshine yellow, and she brings this sunny way of seeing to everything she does. When the day is long or a challenge is ahead, you can count on Sunny-Side Up to lead the way with a smile. She’s always ready to find the joy in the day you’re sharing together. 

Abilities: Sunny-Side Up can create a bubble of calm in a busy day, or a moment of peace in a lot of noise. This power of presence means that Sunny-Side Up is a super-listener! She loves to help others feel seen and known. Sunny-Side Up believes in the power of quiet, as well as the joy of singing country songs at the top of your lungs. She takes pride in creating warm, welcoming spaces for all kinds of people to shine as their truest, bravest selves. 

History: Sunny-Side Up’s first big outing as a baby was up a mountain in a backpack. It wasn’t too long before she was carrying her own daypack, and exploring the White Mountains of New Hampshire with her family. She spent 8 summers at a sleepaway camp tucked right next to these same mountains. There she learned to build fairy houses, bake brownies inside of orange peels, and sing really loudly. One summer she decided to travel to Wyoming for a course with the National Outdoor Leadership School, which led to lasting friendships and an interest in outdoor leadership. After graduating high school, Sunny-Side Up teamed up with two of these friends to hike the Long Trail, an epic 272 mile tour of Vermont. Three weeks and a lot of ramen later, Sunny-Side Up was sure that days are best spent moving outside with friends. After a few adventurous years in Washington, she found her way back to Wyoming where she experienced life on a cattle ranch and had fun teaching some rambunctious four year olds! Then, in 2020 Sunny-Side Up made her way back east where she has spent the last two years teaching preschool, and working at a local barn.  

Sunny-Side Up’s love of long distance adventure began after signing up for cross-country on the first day of sixth grade. Many miles later, Sunny Side Up has been bitten by the ultra-marathon bug. She is usually training for her next race, and enjoying all of the mud puddles, sunrises, and post-run cookies along the way! Between playing on the playground, teaching about nature, and working with horses, the fun never stops. Sunny-Side Up is delighted to begin a new adventure with Alpengirls this summer, and help girls build lasting, joyful connections to each other and to the outdoors. Sunny-Side Up is Wilderness First Aid and CPR certified.

Current Base & Operations: Waltham, MA. She is excited to start a new chapter in Pocatello, ID this fall. She currently teaches in a Montessori preschool classroom, works with young kids at a nature-based education program, and spends some time at the barn too! She is also thrilled to be finishing up her bachelor's degree in Children’s Learning and Development through the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She still loves to find time to get out on trails for a run, or jump in the ocean for a winter swim.