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Alpengirl Camp Staff Jess F

The Rock

Real Name: Jess F
Occupation: Alpenguide
Aliases: The Sender, Jess The Jammer
Birthplace: Glendale, CA
Age: 26

Known Superhuman Powers: The Rock has super strength and resilience with an ample supply of physical and mental might - she’ll be YOUR rock in the backcountry this summer! With broad shoulders and burly arms, The Rock is always there to lean on and she has a firm grasp on how to support young women in becoming capable leaders on and off the trail. 

Abilities: The Rock can scale rock walls and mountains like nobody’s business, although her namesake isn’t solely related to her climbing ability. Her drive and motivation are contagious, and this “send it” attitude is what gives her the ability to empower others and to demonstrate that there is nothing more rewarding than the view from the summit after putting in the hard work to get there. She is sure to inspire boldness, confidence, and a “can do” attitude in those who surround her.

History: Leading an active lifestyle since she was young, The Rock grew up living and breathing tennis in sunny Southern California. She was recruited to play for Pomona-Pitzer’s college team in Claremont, CA but had to retire after her first year due to injury. The Rock has since found a new passion for rock climbing, which kick-started her love for outdoor adventure sports. Now, she embraces all sorts of new and fun backcountry activities like backpacking, snowshoeing, and snowboarding. Ever since being welcomed with open arms and introduced to outdoor adventure activities by such a supportive and enthusiastic community, she has felt a strong desire to give back and share these experiences with others. After graduating college with degrees in Anthropology and History, she also left with a wide spectrum of outdoor guiding experience - from leading hiking, camping, and team-building activities for low-income inner-city communities around her local SoCal area to canoeing, kayaking, and backpacking trips all over the Midwest for a girls’ camp based in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. She cannot wait to continue on this path and gain more experience in the realms of outdoor education and child/female empowerment. The Rock is CPR and Wilderness First Responder certified.

Current Base & Operations: Big Sky, MT. The Rock is living the mountain town dream; a flexible service industry schedule matched with ample time and outdoor opportunities in her off time for either pushing her limits rock climbing or shredding at the resort on her snowboard. She is stoked to be returning to a girls’ camp to lead trips with young, creative minds this summer!